Toyota Verso MPV is a Practical Road Runner

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20 Feb 2017
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Toyota Verso MPV

Calm, smooth and quite, defines the Toyota Verso

Toyota verso is a MPV that may not be considered as an attractive choice but it is well thought out due to its durability and reliability in the long run. It is a car with tough interior to sustain the rough handling by children or if used otherwise it is made so as to keep up with the loading mishandling.

It is a cheap MPV among its competitors that can give many features enough for a family that needs less complex road runner with room for as much as seven people or in other case five people. The Verso MPV comes with two options; one is to fit five passengers while in the other there is room for seven people.

A moderate engine with limited choice:         

The engine line-up is simple and easy for selection. Under the bonnet you can either go for a 1.6 litre petrol engine with 130bhp and a 1.8litre with 145bhp. There is also a 1.6 litre D4-D diesel engine that has an 180bhp sourced from BMW. Most of the buyers prefer the diesel engine choice as it produces 199lb ft of torque to handle big loads and it also offers decent elegance and economy.

It is a responsive unit with good pick up. A six speed manual gear box supports the Toyota engine for a satisfying and smooth ride. The car is made sound proof form inside, there is a slight noise of engine when the door opens and it fades out as the doors are shut. The driver do not have to shout to talk to the rear passengers, this feature is greatly improved.

Interior facilities:

The interior of the car is strictly designed for families with naughty children. It is simple and hard enough to tolerate the playing around habit of kids. The dashboard may be seen as a misfit to the rest of the front interior, but there are easy to use features in the LCD that makes one ignore the rest. It is an easy user friendly MPV for a trouble free ride.

Toyota Verso has a spacious front and mid cabin in which adults can easily adjust, but the third cabin in the seven-seat form is not for adults, only two children can adjust easily if the seat positioning is not changes. The seat fold system makes it easy for moving the seats and making more space for adults in the rear which other cars lack.

Variety in Trims:

The car is offered in three trim types, the Active, Icon and Design.  In the standard “Active” trim, the car comprises of adjustable height for the driver’s seat, automatic headlights and fog lights and heated wing mirrors and air conditioning.

The mid-range “Icon” has many features like; 6in alloy wheels, electric folding door mirrors, automatic wipers, keyless entry, cruise control, dual-zone climate control and Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system with USB, Bluetooth, DAB radio and a reversing camera. The range-topper “Design” comes in with features like sunroof top, satellite navigation and tinted rear windows.

The tough interior is kept so as to make the car durable for a longer period of time which a family car needs the most.