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Everything About Us
Engine Compare is a price comparison website that is set to bring its customers the best auto engine prices from trusted suppliers. We already have hundreds of engine suppliers in our database and our network is continuously growing. When a customer searches for an engine through our website, a query is sent to all members in our network and whoever has that particular engine in stock, will quote a price. The buyers then choose the supplier which suits them best.
Why Us?
At Engine Compare we have many checks in place to ensure that only genuine and well reputed suppliers get affiliated with us. We always keep customer’s interest in our mind and aim to bring the cheapest engine prices. In case of a dispute with a seller we will also assist our customers to resolve the issue.
What Are We Responsible For?
We are a price comparison site where users can search and compare engine prices from our member suppliers, and then they make a purchase. We do our best to make sure that only genuine suppliers join our network, however, we strongly advise customers to do some research before placing an order and making payment. We can assist our users in case a dispute arises but we can’t accept any liability of any kind of financial loss or promises made by third parties. In case of a much serious matter we will be happy to assist law enforcement agencies in any way we can.
Engine Compare is not a shop or a selling site. We only provide engine price comparison service; it is not possible to buy anything directly from us. If a user needs to know about the delivery status or order progress, further details about the engine on sale or the supplier and return/exchange an engine, we will not be able to help in any of this; customers need to contact the relevant supplier directly. Engine Compare does not accept any liability for any inaccuracies especially regarding prices, availability and delivery timings.
The main advantage of Engine Compare is that users do not have to scour through different break yards or engine suppliers to find a required engine. According to a survey, on average a user visits five different websites to buy a replacement car part, at Engine Compare, customers can just enter details of their car or reg number and they get quotes from the suppliers who have the required engine in stock. In this way customers can save a lot of time and effort spent in search of stock and the cheapest price.
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