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Engine Compare is a price comparison website which helps you to get your broken car back on the road quickly by providing you a comprehensive price comparison on used and reconditioned engines from your local engine suppliers. Where you are in the driving seat to find the best deals by comparing the price quotes in few clicks. Engine Compare will present a list of vetted and reliable engine suppliers who have a massive stock of used and recon engines for your car near you, so you can be sure to find the best deal on your engine replacement and can get your car back on the road, hassle free. Engine Compare is the best place to find reconditioned engines at the lowest prices in the UK.

Why compare engine prices from Engine Compare?

We help drivers to find local, reliable engine suppliers that will help you get your car back on the road quickly and they won't break your bank.

Engine Compare is a free and easy to use price comparison service where thousands of drivers compare and book engine suppliers for replacement engines, supply and fitting, and engine reconditioning services online from across the UK.

Find trusted engine suppliers, mechanics, supply and fit specialists, and engine reconditioners, and independent garages to compare and book with confidence. Engine Compare is associated with a network of thousands of top-rated engine suppliers, garages, mobile mechanics, independent garages, workshops, engine rebuilders, and supply and fit specialists around the UK. Whether you're looking to get your car back on the road by replacing your car engine with a recon or a used engine, book an engine repair or have a supply and fit specialist for your vehicle, we can help you find the right place at the right price by offering you free engine price comparison online. Engine Compare keeps you where you deserve to be - in the driving seat.

Difference between a used and a recon engine?

Technically, both types of engines are replacement engines and sourced from any other car, van, truck or any vehicle. A recon engine is the one that has been stripped into parts, and all damaged parts replaced with new parts to use it again. While a used engine sourced from a car and sell as it is. Many people shy away from using these types of engines because they fear that they may not work as well as new or efficient engines and that they may not last as long. However, a reconditioned is as efficient as a new engine and comes with 0 miles on it with most of the components replaced with new parts. recon engines can often be just as good as new ones but are typically much cheaper. On average, a replacement engine is 50% cheaper than a new engine.

How to decide on a reconditioned engine or a used engine?

It can be reliable to buy a second hand or rebuilt engine, as long as you do your research on the engine. Try to get the engine from a reputable source like Engine Compare. When it comes to replacement engines, there are some must do's before deciding. Simply get quotes from your local engine suppliers on both type of engines and decide what type of engine suits you the best based on price, offerings and time suitability to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Big Savings When You compare with Engine Compare

Engine Compare, provides a one-stop solution for all your engine replacement, repair or recon requirements. An extensive network of trustworthy local suppliers who sell used and best rebuild engines will proudly serve you at the best prices. Engine Compare claims to be the best one stop solution to help drivers to find replacement engines and save £££.

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I totally panicked when my Ford Fiesta´s engine broke down on the M25. I could see that I will have to go through different junk yards to look for a new engine which is time consuming. I didn´t have this much time so searched online and found Engine Compare. Really it is amazing as just after entering few details quotes from difrnt suppliers were in my inbox. Thank you EC u saved me a lot of time.
Julia McCan
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Used Engine Compare to find a replacement engine for Ford Transit, the service was quick and I managed to save at least 300 pounds, highly recommended by me.
Allan Wight
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