Toyota Unveils Hybrid RAV4 with Facelift

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4 May 2015
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2015 Toyota RAV4


Toyota introduces the RAV4 with a facelift and dual motor hybrid powertrain for the first time


The third generation of the RAV4 went on sale since and but now Toyota has introduced the RAV4 with a facelift. The new version of the mid-sized SUV has been revealed at the New York Auto Show 2015. RAV4 receiving the facelift might be small news but all-wheel drive hybrid option is a big news. The RAV4 has received a hybrid option for the first time which is an important step to facilitate the RAV4 going head to head with Mitsubishi outlander PHEV.

It has a new power house under the bonnet and is going to be the first all-wheel-drive Toyota model with the hybrid powertrain. A 2.5 litre Toyota engine with four cylinders is set to lead the SUV. Two electric motors are mounted in the both axles of the SUV. These motors are borrowed from the Lexus NX300h, overall power output is rated at 195bhp, with the fuel economy of 54.3mpg on average. It emits 121g/km of CO2. These figures will further improve in the lighter version of RAV4. The new SUV will get the same CVT automatic transmission as of the Lexus.

Toyota said that giving the fresher look to the RAV4 was the demand of the market. It was necessary in order to boost up the sales volume. Several design details have been borrowed from the new Auris and the Avensis. The new face has sleeker grille and full-LED head lights.

The cabin of the new model has been built with elegance, much-improved stance with more soft-touch materials and quality fabrics. The entire instrument cluster has been refreshed, a TFT colour screen features as a standard in the central console of the new RAV4. Toyota has also introduced the safety sense technology in the new RAV4. It will definitely help the new model to work efficiently.

The owners of the new RAV4 model will have a panoramic view monitor for the digitally displayed view around the car that gives a great advantage over the traditional front and rear mounted cameras. It also helps the driver in low-speed manoeuvring. The new RAV4 facelift will go on sale in December.