Toyota Celica New Model Great Features

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5 Dec 2016
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Toyota Celica

A Legendary Car of Toyota Fleet to Make an Impression Again

It is an exclusive choice for those who want a sport car and the brand new Toyota Celica has amazing design and features of interior. Utility is limited for sure but to make your garage extremely valuable with a great looking sporty, it is the best choice. For last thirty-five years, this car has been in market and every single model surpasses the earlier one that is why expectations always remain quite high. Going through all seven generations excellence of technology and design can be seen as these are quite evident. The entry level has always been within

Going through all seven generations excellence of technology and design can be seen as these are quite evident. The entry level has always been within budget of many so rightly attributed as economical. The latest car is also amazingly equipped and look is appealing as well so the history has been repeating itself very well. As we are well aware of the fact that sport car must be designed in a way that should have been attractive and let it run swiftly. Bumper got expended and wheels are also become classier.

Powerful Engine to Satisfy Your Thirst for Speed

Inline four cylinder 1.8-liter Engine assures 140 horsepower that can be tuned to purchase 189 horsepower so choice is yours. There is news about more power than earlier described or even a Hybrid option is about to launch under this brand. With this the power production would be 250 for Hybrid and from 300 to 310 for conventional engines if the anticipation becomes a reality. Manual transmission is also in the list of expectations so a lot of good is there about the car.

Price is also a major concern and it would touch thirty thousand or even little more US dollars. As it has been in good books of buyers and they would have been waiting for it quite impatiently the car is legendary for the manufacturer as well. A good combination of some best old features and a number of new technological advancements will be there to surprise all those waiting for it to come in showrooms.

Well Equipped Interior Make Driving Experience Lot Better


When you get on seats and look around everything has been built of finest material and setting of every facility also up to the mark. For ideal driving the seat for driver has been made very cosy and adjustable according to different requirements. The leather sitting areas for all in the cabin make it actually superb for those who consider interior as priority. Dashboard has been trimmed to transform it further suitable for the users. In the same manner driving wheel also got smaller in size for better handling.

Navigation system is there for efficient assistance and it is something new in the latest edition. The owners can enjoy keyless entry and also the utility of adjustable jacks. The other new facilities are parking assistance, cross traffic alerts and forward collision warning to avoid accidents. Climate control has been in hands of person in cabin and on dashboard USB slot provides you extra option of entertainment and Bluetooth technology enhance this feature further.