Mercedes GL350 is One of the Most Competent and Reliable SUVs Among all Rivals

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4 Mar 2021
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Mercedes GL350

The Company has Kept Things Simple and Elegance is the Result of all this Restraint to Avoid Glitz

Some SUVs are not discussed much though they worth attention. Even if they have a badge of premium SUV producer people do not consider them good enough. Mercedes GL350 is one of such SUVs with a V6 engine of 3.0 litre. The decent output of 231 bhp is enough to pull this size SUV without any problem.

The price of the SUV is quite reasonable too as close rivals offer a similar vehicle at a high price. With an auto gearbox, the SUV runs smoothly and accelerates without delay. Many people get from GL 350, name of the vehicle as it is an SUV with a 2.8 litre power unit but to their surprise, V6 powerful unit is under the bonnet.

The maximum torque of 300Nm is available at 2500 rpm and 7G Tronic auto speed transmissions work well to get serious speed in no time. The best thing about the transmissions is to make the SUV quick without consuming much fuel. Shifting of gears is auto but the sleek manner of shifting makes you a fan of the SUV.

Conventional five speed auto gearbox has been replaced with this new gearbox to enhance the performance of the engine. It can be felt while pressing the speed pedal. Mercedes has made subtle improvements for better feedback for buyers of the SUV. This would also increase the selling of SUV units.

When you enter the cabin you come across a number of buttons to adjust and control different features. Front seats have heating, cooling and managing facility so you get a lot of pampering. Mid-size luxury Saloon has more than basic amenities. When your SUV engine starts troubling you can have Mercedes Reconditioned Engines for sale.

Such a Sporty Nature Really Appeals to Buyers

Seats hold you well so you feel the true comfort while riding. When you want to accelerate just a little push the throttle let you reach the desired speed mark. The chassis of the SUV has been built to move swiftly so as it picks up speed more supple it becomes.

Such a sporty nature really appeals to buyers so used versions of SUV also in demand. Mercedes GL350 CDI Engines do well to keep running smooth and driving refined. A top speed of 154 mph is enough to cruise nicely on motorways and instant acceleration let you overtake fast moving SUVs.

Seven seconds are required by GL 350 to reach 60 mph speed and fuel economy is 30 mpg. For a performance, oriented vehicle fuel economy is not the real focus. Other than the mixed cycle you can get a fuel economy of 40 mpg, which is quite decent. Carbon emission is high so the annual road tax slab for this SUV increases running cost further.

By investing much in E class vehicles Mercedes has done a great job. Apparently, technology advancement is not evident but the bumper, headlights and grille has been refreshed to tell the story under the skin. The steering wheel and air vents knife cabin also give you an impression of change.

Some tech features like adaptive braking have been borrowed from the bigger S class. Hydraulic dual circle brakes do better than ordinary brakes so you remain comfortable and safe. These improvements in the SUV are quite significant and for buyers quite enough.

The Cabin not Only has the Technical Features But also Offer Refinement

Safety features have been enhanced so now seat belts firms grip and airbags secure riders when a collision is anticipated. Special set up of Neck Pro keeps front row passengers safe from head injuries and it takes just part of a second to become active.

Flashing brake lights in 2006 also proved quite handy to avoid accidents. Mercedes launched a new model of the SUV without creating hype as the SUV itself speaks volumes about its performance. People also contact facility like Mercedes GL350 Engine rebuild UK when they want to replace their SUV engine.

The cabin not only has technology features but also offer refinement and comfort. Ride quality is excellent so you would like to ride for hours in Mercedes GL 350. In appearance, some rivals may be more appealing but the drive experience of the SUV surely proves it a better SUV than competitors.

The company has kept things simple and elegance is the result of all this restraint to avoid glitz. The view from the driver seat is nice as the front pillars do not cause a visibility issue. Driving seat adjustment possibility also enhances better view possibility for any lesson on the seat.

Engine Output of 190 bhp is Paired With

Seats are not as cosy as you may find in BMW 3 series SUVs but their comfort level let you enjoy the ride for hours. Engine output of 190 bhp is paired with a huge 440Nm of torque. It makes the SUV punchier and people like this trait. At low revs, the SUV does well than Jaguar.

Automatic Transmissions hold it back in the race to reach the 60 mph speed mark otherwise it is no less capable than close rivals. Seventeen inches wheels and soft suspension makes a good combination to offer a good ride experience. Mercedes GL 350 CDI is an expensive variant and when you select some optional features then its price goes spiral.

With some shortcomings, the SUV has no match to its overall drive and ride experience. With a filled tank you can cover up to 500 miles but it depends on driving style. So tank capacity needs to be enhanced as it is shame for a diesel engine SUV to fall short of 500 miles with a full tank.