JLR releases justDrive App as In-car Connectivity

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19 Nov 2014
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JLR justDrive-App Interface


JLR to introduce justDrive app as an in-car connectivity app to rival German automakers


JLR has announced that it will introduce a new in-car connectivity system under the name of “justDrive”. It will be controlled by a latest Voice Recognition Software to facilitate the driving usability of the software. This app is expected to be launched from early 2015.

The new-tech has been announced a day before the Los Angeles Motor Show and JLR has confirmed to speed up its in-car connectivity technologies. JLR also announced that they are launching this new app to compete with Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

JLR said that the new device will be suitable for any Jaguar or Land Rover model which has a latest inControl App System fitted by the firm. The justDrive app is fully compatible with smartphone operating systems like Apple iOS8 and android.

This app will allow users to integrate multiple apps into a single voice activated in-car function. It includes the integration of Spotify, Twitter and Yelp. The app interface will also allow better control of navigation system. It is also stated that the app will offer an extraordinary level of connectivity for navigation systems, social media interactions, net surfing via voice search to eliminate the driver’s destruction. Previously introduced inControl App system offers a touch screen interface to control the functions.

The newer version of inControl App system will offer 18 new apps including the Stitcher, iHeartRadio and Parkopedia in January 2015. It will be offered as a free download and will be continuously updated as the new technology is launched by next year.

JLR is also opening its first ever R&D facility in Portland, Oregon with a massive investment of £2 million. This new site will solely focus on future infotainment and cloud technologies. This R&D Facility will employ 30 engineers who will collectively work with 240 engineers based in UK. These engineers are also working on cloud and connected car technologies.

JLR is entering into the next generation of road mobility and introduced Land Rover Defender 2016 which criticised by our friends and fans at Facebook. Let see what change this new technology will bring into the JLR sales and fame.