Frankfurt Motor Show’s Top Family Cars

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14 Oct 2015
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FrankFurt Motor Show 2015


Here is a list of new top family cars for best family men

Every year, motor shows around the globe present an opportunity to the automakers to offer their new vehicles and concepts to the world. Such a big name is the Frankfurt Motor Show, where auto manufacturers have presented their creations. We have picked some wonderful family cars for all those family men out there who are going to buy a new car for their family.

The list includes:

Kia Optima

If you don’t think that Passat and Mondeo are your kind of vehicles, then probably you are the Optima man. Kia’s new Optima is a saloon that promises improved driving dynamics, so it will be a good option to choose.

Vauxhall Astra

The UK is now seeing the seventh generation of one of its best-selling cars, the Astra. It is going on sale this autumn. When compared to the older version, this new car is lighter and smaller, and of course, cheaper too. But it is very well equipped to become even more popular.

Renault Megane

To company’s overall volume, the hefty number of sales Megane holds, shows how popular it is. This summer, Renault is introducing the new model which is having somewhat, more grown-up feel, to win the battle among competitors.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeos are getting quite some affection from car enthusiasts. The new design of Alfa Romeo Giulia will be doing exactly the same, it will score more number than its recent siblings.

Toyota Prius

Although there is a great similarity between Toyota Prius and recently launched hydrogen fuel cell car, the Mirai. But the difference is that Prius is reinforcing its future-facing and hybrid powertrain and Powerful Toyota engine nature. Moreover, its sleek aerodynamic look and improved chassis give it an edge.

Kia Sportage

Despite of being not having prettier face than the previous version, the new Kia Sportage is more purposeful than pretty. The chances are high that it will appeal a lot of buyers who would love to have more masculine-looking SUV.

Suzuki Baleno

The Japanese auto maker Suzuki may have some underrated cars in its model line-up and Baleno may not come into everyone’s attention. But it is certain that Baleno will surprise at least a few people who want a decent budget small family car.

Volkswagen Tiguan

More of an SUV and less of a crossover, that’s what the new Volkswagen Tiguan is when compared to the older version and it is doing really well for it. So it is hoped it will get a great deal of people attracted to it.