Why Everyone Loves BMW X3 Engine?

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26 Jan 2017
By admin

BMW X3 gives you a spacious interior, excellent ride and efficient engines and if we look it from outside, it’s very sexy and attractive

In the 21st century, everybody everywhere seems too busy because everyone is entangled in daily life activities. If you are a car user, then I am confident that you wouldn’t want to face problems with it.

Nobody has time to see mechanic for his car each month or may be every week. So, if you are the very same person who doesn’t want any mess, then you must choose a car which is nice and sturdy enough to put up with everything that comes its way and its engine is extra powerful and sturdy so that you may not need any repair. Let me put an end to your quest. So, BMW X3 is the car which you need.

First Generation BMW X3

The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover SUV manufactured by German auto maker, BMW and is popular for its fun driving experience and exceptional range of engines. The BMW X3 is now in its second generation.

The first generation (E83; 2003–2010) was based on BMW 3 series platform and the second generation (F25; 2010–present) is almost as large as the original E53 series X5. So, let’s have a look at this bad boy, BMW X3 from inside and out.

Size of BMW X3

The BMW X3 looks very similar to Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan in physical size, with all models approximately falling into a weight bracket of between 1805kg and 1935kg. Thanks a billion to the all round park distance control system that comes fitted as standard on all models.

Engine of BMW X3

BMW has a knack of producing good engines whether petrol or diesel and the range obtainable in the X3 is no exception. The ubiquitous 2.0-litre diesel proposes all the performance and economy of fuel one would want in an SUV (0-60 in 8.1 seconds, 54.3mpg) while low emissions of CO2 make for affordable road tax.

Those who are after a little bit more performance can choose from either the xDrive 30d or 35d, which build 258 and 313hp respectively. The latter will sprint just from 0 to 60mph in a Porsche Boxster-worrying 5.3 seconds.

Really, all of the engines are commended for their smoothness and refinement, along with the 2.0-litre BMW Engine unit creating the Mercedes’ equivalent 2.1-litre diesel appear rough.

Just go for the smooth eight-speed auto over the simple six-speed manual, because it fits the character of the car ideally and is arguably the best in class. The X3’s optional adaptive dampers resolve this completely.

The engine choice for the X3 is relatively straightforward – there are only diesels accessible. That shouldn’t put you off because BMW arguably manufactures the best diesel engines currently on offer.

Plenty of Passenger Space

In the back, three adults will sit with comfort and if we talk about the boot space, it’s pretty decent. With 550 litres of boot space available, that is, in fact, more than Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan, the X3 is spacious.

Luggage capacity can be increased to 1600 litres if you fold the rear seats. However, the X3 is not as roomier as the Land Rover Discovery Sport which offers the boot space of 1698 litres when its seats are dropped.


The X3 is vital part of a competitive market segment along with rivals ranging from the frugal Volkswagen Tiguan and Ford Kuga to more direct competitors such as the Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan.

The X3 xDrive 20d will be the volume seller and if this is particularly the model you’re keen on, then it gets the nod over the Audi Q5. If you’re gazing towards the top of the X3 range, then it is worth appreciating that the Porsche Macan has it effortlessly covered in terms of driver enjoyment and looks too.

Great Drive

The BMW drives much firmer than any of its opponents, but that translates to fun handling and striking grip. The downside is that the BMW X3 is probably going to be too firm for most consumers looking for a premium SUV.

For those buyers, looking for a cheap-to-run option there is the active 20d, while the 313hp 35d offers lots for performance, but is stunningly fuel efficient. However, test takers recommend the 20d, because it scores extremely well on both counts.

What we have got in BMW X3?

A generally stirring car, it doesn’t get much wrong. As with any other model of BMW, the base equipment is simply enough for most needs with leather seats, climate control and parking sensors coming as standard.

Expensive Optional Extras

There are many other optional extras available, but getting carried far away can bump up the car’s price importantly, though the adjustable dampers and upgraded sat-nav system come highly recommended.

There’s also Drive Performance Control (DPC), the BMW Business Media Package, Hill Descent Control, a multifunction steering wheel, heated front seats and an automatic tailgate.

BMW’s been clearly spotted testing a new model alongside a high-performance M40i version at the popular Nurburgring race circuit.  It can be said that in the pursuit of providing the X3 sporty handling BMW has opted for a firmer suspension setup than in rivals.

Fuel Saving Technology

BMW has fitted the X3 with its efficient dynamics fuel saving technology, including stop/start and break regeneration, so even the sturdy six cylinder models are surprisingly efficient. The 3.0 litre xDrive gives fuel economy of 47.1mpg and emits just 157g/km CO2.

In the end:

To sum up, it is fair enough to say that BMW X3 is a great option for driving.

Its slinky styling and decent handling attracts everyone who loves to drive cars. I am damn sure that you will also fell in love with the mighty BMW X3 after looking it. So, don’t waste your time in thinking and get the keys of a brand new BMW X3 straight away.