Mercedes E-Class E220 Engines – A Bold Statement From German Automaker

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21 Dec 2018
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The E220 is the heart of the E-Class, it offers an advanced driving experience

Mercedes E220 – everything Mercedes is learnt in the last 100 years, packed in the E-Class and E220 got the most of in its standard trim. So why pay for optional features when everything is coming at the base price. To most of the automotive gurus ever. Mercedes E-Class is the cheap S-Class or you can say the initial version of the S-Class. The S-Class totally based on the E-Class models. The overall science is the same but the difference is the size and engines.

The automaker called the E-Class as the heart of the Mercedes and it is the only model class. That releases all the pressure from the automaker and the experts say that the E-Class is actually a massive technological advancement. While being advanced, stylish and economical.

The all-new 2018 E-Class is bigger bolder stylish, however, Mercedes E220 engines are even more efficient and refined for better performance. The new E-Class uses a reinforced steel body structure which makes the models even rigid and tougher. This reinforced steel structure also help the automaker to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. In the UK market, the E220 is one of the most admired models of the E-Class and it uses an all-new ultra refined radical four-cylinder engine which offers refinement, efficiency, fuel economy and agility at its peak.

This new engine is specially designed to keep the engine weight very low and it weighs way below 100kgs due to its new structure and aluminium used in its many parts. The next version of the Mercedes E220 engines is yet to arrive in the UK. The E-Class is sweetly managing to go smoothly and takes on the trims rolling out to deliver comfort and refinement at the same time.

Mercedes E220 driving dynamics


Mercedes E220 offers excellent driving dynamics with world-class body control, once Mercedes officials claim that their vehicle is the safest cars on the globe. Don’t know to what extent this claim was right but it is confirmed that Mercedes has excellent body control with a number of options like drive pilot and adaptive cruise control system and active steering system to deliver the best to the driver. All these systems work like an autopilot mode but they are not actually the autopilot. Mercedes offered a number of gadgets with autonomous technology features and there is no doubt in the success.

Improved performance, top-rated efficiency and refinement at its peak, all comes in the new Mercedes E220 models. When it comes to the suspension system, the E-Class offers steel springs and adaptive dampers because of the bad condition of the UK roads.

However if someone likes an air suspension system in its vehicle, the adaptive air suspension system has been offered as an option for the UK market. The standard coil springs do the job well and soak the majority of larger bumps even better than any other suspension system. The rivals including Audi A4, BMW 5 Series, and Jaguar XF can’t do the job at the peak as Mercedes does on the broken tarmac roads.

Powerful E200 Engines


Mercedes E220d comes with 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel opens. It delivers the best performance when it comes as reconditioned Mercedes E220 engine. It cranks 192bhp and 400Nm of torque.

That is more powerful with the turbo than the ancient E 250d, but obviously, the new 2.0-litre engine is much quieter, economical and agile if compare to the old Mercedes 2.1-litre diesel engines. This engine takes only 7 seconds to reach the 0-62miles per hour, even it makes 149 miles per hour of top speed.