Channing Tatum’s Wife rides the new Volvo XC60

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26 Dec 2014
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Beverly Hills Tatum

When you become rich, you show it to the world with your gigantic mansions and really expensive cars

In our blog we reported that Agent Cale from the movie “White House Down” drives Tacoma, a pick-up truck from Toyota. It is a pretty huge ride for day to day driving as traffic and fuel economy are the major concerns in the city. But otherwise, you definitely would love to take it for off-road adventures or to your ranch.

You would see Tatum in the Tacoma but have you ever wondered what kind of vehicle his wife Jenna Dewan be driving? No, she isn’t driving Tacoma, instead, a Volvo XC60. For the inhabitants of LA, Volvo is quite rare vehicle, but it is renowned all over the world for it safety features.

You probably remember Jenna Dewan from movie “Step Up” which was launched in 2006, Tatum also starred in this movie. They both met on the set of ‘Step Up’ and soon fell in love which resulted in engagement, in September 2008 and marriage in July 2009. Last year, Everly Tatum was born in London and It seems pretty logical if the mother has thought of her child’s safety first.

So what really drove the mother to buy XC60? What is so special about it? Does it offer something that others don’t? Well, apart for usual safety feature standard in the Volvo line-up like the side impact protection system, inflatable curtain airbags, whiplash protection system, dynamic stability and traction control, side and rear structures, there is a new technology that they have recently introduced in the luxury crossover, it’s the City Safety.

It uses a closing velocity sensor which basically determines if the possibilities of a head-on collision are high or not, if they are high then this safety system tries to prevent it from happening or at least, mitigate vehicle-on-vehicle collisions.