Bugatti Introduces a New Veyron Special Edition with Customer’s Initials at Front Grille

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21 Aug 2014
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Bugatti Veyron 1 of 1 and 41 Roytale

Bugatti is trying to eradicate the distances between bespoke models and special editions with unique Veyron Vitesse “1 of 1” for Singapore

The number of special editions by Bugatti has now reached twenty five with this latest special edition called Veyron Vitesse “1 of 1”, 1 of 1 is a unique model and completely designed and developed as specified by a customer from Singapore.

The new special edition Veyron Vitesse with bespoke design and powerful engine has been revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d-Elegance in California. It is a black and yellow coloured vehicle that reminds of type 41Roytale and Type 55. These models were also painted in the same colour scheme at the request of Ettore Bugatti and his son, the founders of Bugatti. Bugatti’s son Jean was inspired by one of the ‘Legendes Edition’ Veyron Vitesse. The all new Veyron is contrasted by clear coated coated carbon fibre panels along with black and yellow grilles. As per customer’s request his initials “PL” have been laser cut into the front grille. A Bugatti engineer said that more than 200 man hours have been spent on the front grille alone.


The interior of the special edition Veyron isn’t just a box of black and yellow leather stitching but it has some laser-etched outlines of the Veyron profile, while on the door sills the portrait of the customer is engraved. Our experts are just wondering that these particular details of the owner may affect resale of this £1.6 million beauty. Bugatti is gearing up to wind up the Molsheim production facility in France after a proud production run of ten years.


Veyron, in its life has offered 10 special editions with hard top with both standard and super fast variants.  The targa top Grand Sport alone has 14 editions along with those six different ‘Legendes Editions’ and this is the final version for Singapore. Every production run of Veyron has multiple editions and total special versions of Veyron are believed to be 80 so far, however almost 400 Coupe and convertible versions are set to be made.