Latest Honda Civic hatchback is a Perfect One

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15 Jul 2017
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Honda Civic hatchback

Good stylish look, powerful turbocharged engines and wide interior has made it worthy

Latest Honda Civic hatchback is an outstanding in all dimensions


Honda Civic hatchback is one of the most graceful brands of the UK roads. With stylish appearance and powerful turbocharged petrol engines under its wide bonnet, it is an eye catching item of UK roads now a days. With perfect body structure and big size, it gives an edge on other brands of the class. Interior of Honda Civic is more roomy and spacious than before. Heavy built and wide cross bars of frame under the sleek body offer perfect and better handling. If we compare it with Ford Focus hatchback, Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf hatchback, it is more graceful and great in performance than all of them.


Interior and practicality is also marvelous


Wide dashboard has given plenty of room to the manufacturer to array as he wants. Features are latest and well knitted. Material of interior is stylish, good in standard and good in appearance. Seats arrangement is good due to wide cabin. Spacious interior is full of useful kits and equipment. Its soft interior also offers comfortable feel to be in. Interior is more practical one than before withplenty of leg and head room for all passengers.

Centre seat at rear offers nice sitting position. Interior is arranged with lot of practical cubbyholes at front and at rear. There is ample storage capacity in well shaped boot. It offers 480-litres boot space with rear seats up and 830-litres with rear seats down.

Eye catching new Honda Civic is an excellent performer, with two petrol engines


There is no diesel engine in latest Honda Civic hatchback. With two petrol engines, this new and stylish Civic hatchback performs very well. Smooth and comfort is also there while driving and it behaves very quietly and with calm.

1.8-Litre VTEC Turbocharged petrol unit is good enough to support this vehicle. It is capable of 127bhp and 148lb/ft torque.  It is a three-cylinder and twelve-valve engine that takes 10.5 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h. Top speed of this engine is yet to be recorded. Fuel average is also remarkable with 58m/g and Co2 emissions are just 110g/km. It is fitted with six-speed manual and automatic gearboxes and front-wheel drive as standard.

Second petrol engine is a 1.5-Litre VTEC Turbocharged is powerful in response. It is capable of 179bhp and 177lb/ft torque and takes 7.9 seconds to get from0-62m/h. It is also available in manual and automatic transmission assemblies along with front-wheel drive as standard. Its fuel average is also very good with 48m/g along with 133g/km of Co2 emissions.


Driving and handling of new Honda Civic hatchback is awesome


Latest model of Honda Civic hatchback is marvelous in performance in each corner. Its design, appearance driving and handling, all is perfect. Steering is of good weight offers nice control with precise handling. Suspensions are brilliant and give smooth and comfortable ride experience.

Well balanced body offers stable drive with calm and ease. Latest model of Honda is really good in response. Automatic gearbox is great in operation; manual gearbox is also smooth and perfect in operation. Both petrol engines offer good speed on the roads.

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