Jaguar’s Bargain Chip – The XE Saloon

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27 Apr 2015
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Jaguar XE

During its 93 year old history, Jaguar has given E-type, the legend, but has been into hot water every now and then, this all-new XE is their last hope.

German auto makers are dominating the saloon market big time and to compete in such lucrative market of compact saloons, any new entry will have to work really hard. This is the case with all new Jaguar XE saloon which will be coming in a 4×4, an estate and most likely, in a convertible or coupe style. Jaguar is hoping high of this new car that it will play its major role in making them the major player in the game with the state of the art Jaguar engines. It is even said by one of high-ups that XE is the most ‘crucial’ car of all times.

At the splendid occasion of XE’s unveiling at Earls Court in London, Jaguar Land Rover’s chief executive, Ralf Speth, announced that they are hoping on attracting younger buyers, both male and females, to come close to the whole range of Jaguar. Thus it has been deemed extremely crucial for the future of the company survival.

Jaguar XE Interior

Jaguar XE Interior

“It’s arguably the most important car in our history. We’ve engineered it with the most sophisticated suspension and steering systems available, using components normally only found on more expensive cars.” Added chief programme engineer for XE, Nick Miller.

Land Rover is the sister brand of Jaguar and unlike Jaguar, Land Rover is enjoying high levels of profitability and satisfaction. It isn’t that Jaguar is that bad, it had earned quite high figures and positive reviews in customer satisfaction surveys. UK sales figure in 2014 was 15,000 for Jaguar when Audi and BMW, its German rivals, crossed 158,000 and 148,000 in the same period. While global sales figures were 81,000 Jags and well over 1.5 million cumulatively for Audi and BMW.

The all new XE is powered by a state-of-the-art diesel engine which emits 99g/km, lowest so far when compared to rivals. The official EU test returned 75mpg average, making it one of the most efficient diesel model in the range. The 2.0 litre diesel engine is available from £29,775. The petrol variant of Jaguar XE is offered for as low as £26,990 and if you are really hungry for speed, then the 3.0 litre supercharged petrol is the right choice for you.

From May, the deliveries will commence for the new XE. So get ready to have one for yourself.

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