What do You Think of a Volkswagen Passat Estate?

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24 Mar 2016
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Volkswagen Passat

If it ain’t broke, don’t repair it. That’s the tune for the new Volkswagen Passat estate

Whilst there’s no dramatic styling change over the earlier version of this tremendously well-known model (which out-sells its Saloon counterpart), this new Passat is each bit equipped with it needs to be to tackle the likes of the Ford Mondeo estate, the Mazda 6 estate and the Vauxhall Insignia sport Tourer.

The price has gone up a bit, but so has the fine interior, performance, handling and the quantity of package on offer at every trim it offers. Not to mention the savings you’ll make in both fuel and tax.

New Passat Interior

New Passat Interior

It’s still the perfect shutting cruiser as it always was – pre dominantly comfy on the move, quiet, refined and reasonably low cost to run. For those factors,  VW is expecting 80 percent of those cars to go to fleet drivers, but in the event you’re watching for a loved one’s car then it’ll do that job brilliantly too. Volkswagen Passat estate efficiency hail from the courtesy of a variety of diesel engines. There aren’t any petrol engines for the UK market, although a petrol and electrical hybrid GTE version a projected.

The One to Buy

Which you can have a 2.0-litre TDI engine in two outputs: 148bhp and 340Nm or 188bhp and 400Nm. The former covers 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds, and is anticipated to make up the enormous majority (as much as eighty percent) of sales within the UK.

Volkswagen Passat Engines

Volkswagen Passat Engines

We are able to see why, too. It’s because by and far away the excellent compromise between efficiency and running costs. Sure, it’s slightly noisy when you push it hard, but that’s much less of a grumble about the engine and more a compliment in regards to the Passat’s first-rate cabin insulation and aerodynamics; there easily isn’t any wind or road noise to worry about. You can have both six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes, the higher-powered version 1mph faster in terms of its 136mph high speed.

Excessive-power BiTDI diesel

At the top of the engine,  range sits the 2.0-litre BiTDI engine, which is simplest available with a seven-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel power. This one will get 238bhp and 500Nm, because of this a sprint from zero-62mph in 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 149mph.

New Volkswagen Passat

New Volkswagen Passat

On the road, this engine does consider powerful, however under no circumstances, exciting. We’re not entirely convinced that the paddles behind the steering wheel are of a lot use to many drivers, and it needs to be mentioned that striking sport looks strange.

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