Volkswagen UK Achieves 200,000 Sales Milestone in 2014

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12 Dec 2014
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Volkswagen dealers in UK are already celebrating the milestone moment of selling over 200,000 vehicles in 2014 which is the highest number ever sold in UK in a single year by Volkswagen.


As soon as the updated model of Polo arrived in the market, the sales boosted and made it possible for Volkswagen to hit that milestone which has never been accomplished before. Polo is the Supermini which has won the hearts of the Brits and became the bestselling models in the UK, the best that happened to it is her facelift. Thanks to the equipment and engines it received, now it is fully capable of rivalling the market leader, the Ford Fiesta.

The dealer premiums have dropped a little ever since the Golf 7 has been put on the sale and with extra equipment as standard, it pamper the needs of a different type of customers. But when it comes to the Facelifted new Touareg and Passat, tables have turned in favour.



Alex Smith, Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars commented in excitement on this remarkable achievement that they are really proud of exceeding 200,000 car sales in year 2014 only. They have worked really hard and produced such a great range of products that suitable for everyone’s needs. Volkswagen has brought a record number of new customers through their heritage and enduring appeal of the brand.

After such a huge crisis in the European market, UK market is the first one to recover and attain the pre-crisis sales level in a record time. The key dominator in the UK auto market in retail and commercial vehicle segments is none other than the Ford, whose Fiesta, with a total number of 115,000 units sold in 2014 claimed the thorn of number 1 selling car. The Focus with its 75,000 units, both models cumulatively equals the number of units sold by the whole Volkswagen range.

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