UK Saloon Market has Nothing Better than BMW 3 Series Engines

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21 Oct 2016
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BMW 3 series engines are high on the list of buyers and sought after the company car drivers

BMW 3 series is now in the third generation of saloons and the four-door has been exclusively dominating into the car market of the United Kingdom. This latest model has all the right boxes checked as it has fuel economical engines, larger boot space than ever before, classy interior and high-end materials as well. The handling factor has also been considered well which means a clear success for the 3 series.

It is not the only list of factors that give the 3 series at high ranks on the list of buyers though, it is also highly recommended by the company car drivers. It offers a great motorway cruise, excellent mileage from every unit of fuel and a premium badge too.

Apart from all these features, the pin sharp handling is a plus point that actually boosts up the confidence of the driver while on the motorway or even in a rushy city life. Our experts can bet that you won’t get anything better than a BMW 320d diesel engine in the UK. It offers class-leading fuel economy, ultra-low carbon emissions and ultimately less road tax for home users and monthly tax for the company car drivers.

BMW 3 series Engine line-up

As we have described that you would not get anything better than an engine offered in the 3 series. Yes it is true, BMW has an engine for every customer that suits his needs excellently. You can get your favourite engine from a broad engine line up.

The 3 series has fuel economical and ultra-clean BMW 320d efficiency dynamics model that returns around 70 miles from every gallon of fuel. It saves you a lot on fuel stations and on the road tax side.

This diesel engine is an ultimate torque machine that propels the 320d model on the road with a hefty power and takes only 6.6 seconds to reach the 62 miles per hour sprint from stand still position.

However, if you do not like diesel engines, do not worry, BMW 3 series has a more powerful and equally efficient 335i petrol engine for you. It cranks 310bhp of power and hits the 62 miles per hour speed in just over five seconds.

An engine for everyone

BMW aims to offer every customer an engine of his own choice and they have offered the 3 series with the largest engine line up in the market. There are more than half a dozen of powerful engines with different power levels, offered on the 3 series.

You can get either a manual or an automatic transmission on your 3 series. In the case of manual transmissions there will be six-speed transmission but when you will ask for an automatic transmission, you will get an eight-speed transmission coupled with your 3 series. If you love racing or a car enthusiast, you can ask for a paddle shifter too.

BMW 3 series petrol engines

Apart from the diesel engines, there are number of petrol units available in different power variants from 184bhp to 306bhp, you can ask for anything in between.

Entry-level petrol engine cranks out 184bhp in 320i and takes just over seven seconds to reach the 62 miles per hour sprint. This is what an all-new, all dancing and all singing BMW 3 series has to offer.

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