Seat Alhambra is a Splendid Seven Passenger Vehicle

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23 Sep 2017
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Seat Alhambra

Seven passengers and their luggage can be carried in this vehicle

Variety of cars is available in markets and buyers select one of them that meet the criteria present in their minds. Any of the vehicles that make an impression of its own always remembered by the owners and Seat Alhambra is one of the cars that have been appreciated by people for the quality features and capacity to transport passengers in a comfortable cabin. Modern technology has been used by many car manufacturers, but the thing that makes it prominent is practicality. Middle row is for three grown up and they can travel with utmost ease possible in a road transport.

Third and last row is also good for adults and kids will enjoy it more as no lowering down of the roof. Windows are big to let passengers feel good even sitting on the last seats. Most of the seven people carriers if occupied fully by passengers can not take their luggage but this vehicle would not ask for any such sacrifice. Wide boot space is there to allow occupants to carry reasonable size bags and cases. When seats reduce to five, then there would be enough room like 658 litre.

Optional features of the car

Technology of satellite navigation is also present among options a buyer can go for. Price of the car is less than the competitors and with great quality features it is definitely one of the top choices. For congested parking areas, sliding doors are good and sensors for parking with other safety features win five stars rating for it. Alhambra 2.0-Litre petrol engine is excellent performer because agility is there and driving remains lively. Spend transmissions are six that are smooth in function. It is a well built SUV for a big family and handling is great too.

Seat Alhambra Engine keeps driving lively

The infotainment system on dashboard and controls are simple to become familiar with and bring in use. Driving seat can be adjusted to get the best position to run it and steering wheel height can be changed as well. Though it is big in size but driving is not a problem engine power of 182bhp and firm suspension make it a fun to drive vehicle. The other option of 148bhp output is also satisfactory for most of the buyers that are conscious of economy. Three years warranty is standard for the whole range of cars.

A big family vehicle

This car has been designed to serve the needs of a family traveling in it. Seat back tables and deep door pockets are truly capable of storing different sorts of things that are necessary to take with. While getting that much, you need to bear the cost of running it that could prove it bit expensive after purchasing. Seats can be found in their right position as there is memory to make it happen. Leather upholstery is available as an option to create an aura of lavishness. All three rows get their air vents so tri zone climate control keep the temperature good for everyone.

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