Renault 5 Supermini Is Back With Hi-Tech Features

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13 Jan 2015
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Renault-5 Supermini

The legendary Supermini by Renault is back with new features and ultra-low emissions at Detroit Auto Show.


Renault has been working to bring its legendary Renault 5 back to the market. Original model was built between 1972 and 1996. Now it has come back with massive changes in style and performance equipment. Now imagined as a whole new type of Supermini which will sit alongside the Renault Clio, the newcomer uses cost effective substructures, but it has very hi-tech features to appeal the customers. Renault’s automotive innovation centre near Paris has shown a prototype of Value Up concept and pictures show that how the concept uses an unusual dual colour scheme. Renault 5 blends the features of the old version with the new. Renault’s LCI think tank is based on 40 designers, engineers and researchers tasked with findings and development of future mobility solutions.

The Value-Up concept is the best example of their enthusiasm and designed almost parallel to the Clio, even the cost is almost same as Clio.

Renault-5 Front

Renault-5 Front

It is using all new cost-effective platform and low-powered Renault engines. Renault is freeing up the manufacturing process to spend some extra money to build a hi-tech interior.

All new Renault 5 weighs only 830kg which will make it fuel economical and early predictions suggests that a 1.0 litre three cylinder Renault engine would lead the Renault 5 with projected carbon emissions of just under 100g/km. there is a possibility of a plug-in Hybrid version as well, it is likely to emit 45g/km of carbon dioxide. Fuel economy is claimed at 134mpg from the plug-in Hybrid version. Both models, a conventional and plug-in Hybrid versions will exclusively use a manual gearbox, likely to be same as in Citroen C4 Cactus.

A calculated length of new Renault 5 is around 3.8 metres. The Value-Up concept is larger than a Twingo but smaller than a Clio.  However, there are full-width bench seats in the front and back to create a laid-back atmosphere. It uses natural materials to make the wood door trims and bamboo to strengthen the front. It will help the car to protect it from front impact, although these are unlikely to come into production.

A Renault official said, “This is just a prototype now, a laboratory, and it won’t be produced as it is, but we will present the car internally to the public, and see what they say and how they react, then use these comments in a future vehicle.”

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