Parking Permit Lottery! Authorities Always Win

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15 Jun 2015
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What you pay for your annual parking permit in the UK depends highly on the area you live, and the vehicle you drive


Just like any other kind of lottery, the parking permit prices act as postcode lottery. Why is that? Because the place you live in, the car you drive, how long you park for and how environment-friendly your vehicle is, every single one of these will determine the cost of the annual resident parking permit.


Analysis stated Birmingham and Manchester as most expensive


Churchill Car Insurance, an insurance group, stated in their analysis that Birmingham and Manchester have topped in most expensive cities in UK for resident parking permits with £750 per year.

Permit holders only

Permit holders only

Second most expensive is the London Borough of Islington with £434.

When you look across the localities for different pricing within a council district, £92.72 is the average variation in parking permit cost.


How area effects the prices?


Well, when you look at the property prices, like a 2-bed flat in the Birmingham city centre may cost somewhere between £160,000 and £230,000. The inhabitants will pay £750, but if they move to other areas, the price could drop down to £215.

Similarly, a 2-bed apartment in the London borough of Islington, ranging from £2.8 million to £200,000, in such areas, the parking cost will be £434 if your car emits 256g/km of CO2. From 15th June, this figure rises to £444, but if your car is green you don’t have to worry a bit.

Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets

CO2 emissions also effect the cost


Since 2014, the CO2 emissions for new cars have dropped down 24 per cent with 124.6g/km on average, set a new record. So for cars with these average emissions, the inhabitants of Islington will pay only £75.80 which is only 10 per cent of what Manchester charges.

In the top ten most expensive permit areas, only four London boroughs are in it and the cheapest council is the South Ayrshire with only 50p a year for parking permits. For these areas, the average cost of the permit is £59.17 which is about 12 times cheaper than Birmingham and Manchester. This might surprise you, free annual parking permits are offered by only 15 per cent of councils.

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