MINI One D Blends Performance and Economy

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27 Oct 2014
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MINI One D is economical with a tweaked engine


MINI One D is very economical and the new model mixes fuel economy with a thrilling ride. The Cooper D is ever punchier than ever before. The new price has £1560 worth of classy styling and bit better chassis to make it more fun.

The starting price for the MINI One D is said to be at £14,560 which is less than the Cooper. The most vital thing is that both Cooper and Cooper One D share the same MINI engine, a 1.5 litre three cylinder turbo diesel engine. There is a slight difference in the power delivery of the engine used in Cooper One D. It delivers 94bhp rather than 114bhp from a petrol engine.

You can say that it is a detuned engine version of Cooper. Diesel engines offer the rock solid punch of power, even in the detuned versions. Just start it and push the button. It is quiet and cleaner than its petrol companion.  Even at the speed of 4500 rpm, you will not be able to notice the diesel clutters. The time span from zero to 62 miles per hour will definitely let you down because it takes more than 11 seconds to reach the mark.

In normal conditions when there is no need to sprint, MINI One D gives acceptable pace and power but at motorway speeds you can feel the lack of power compared to the Cooper. When you need to overtake, you need a lower gear. The six speed manual transmission will give you a great driving pleasure because it offers excellent gear shifting.

The all new One D has a great fuel economy with a 3mpg lead over the previous version. Let’s see if this MINI One D have what it takes to become a legend.





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