The MINI ONE is the Best in Its Class with Lot of New Improvements

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23 Jan 2017
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Mini One

The MINI with some of its best engines is a good performer, especially when it comes to fuel consumption

3rd Generation MINI

Though in its third generation the MINI ONE is with the same retro look of their predecessors, but it is grown up with the time. It has lot of improvements in all areas. It offers more technology along with improved efficiency and performance than before.

The all new MINI ONE is a full character of itself. It has the same Iconic look of early sixties. It has become bigger and heavier because of up gradation of equipment’s, but this process is necessary, if the MINI ONE has to keep itself in the market  to compete such talented rivals such as the Volkswagen Polo, Renault Clio, Citroen DS3, Fiat 500 and above all the Audi A1.

Great Handling

It has always been a fun to drive the MINI with good handling and responsive steering. The new MINI ONE is available in both petrol and diesel engine outputs. The engine lineup is quite efficient and surprisingly cheap to run. It is the best selling small city car of UK. The MINI ONE has been manufactured in three body styles and chassis throughout of its career since its birth in 2000.

Driving Options

There are three-door hatchbacks, five-door hatchbacks and two-door convertibles with FF layout. This layout helps it to maintain its tag of Super Mini of its class. The body of the new MINI ONE is 3820mm in length, 1727mm in width and 1414mm in height. These figures make the new MINI ONE is longer, wider and taller than its predecessors.

Lot of new color patterns has been added to its already rich palette. The bonnet is with stripes gives a cool look. The MINI ONE is one of the most desirable brands of the UK market along with its high resale value and its colorful retro look appeals the audience more than before.


The new MINI ONE with advanced and refined engines gives more fun to drive with efficient fuel economy. The new MINI ONE is equipped with three-cylinder power units. In cooper S and JCW model’s we have four-cylinder 2.0-litre engines range. There are four petrol engines in the MINI powertrain.

Petrol Engine Range

The 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo, with 102bhp and 133lb/ft of torque, is an entry-level petrol engine. It is an efficient version regarding fuel consumption. It gives 62m/g of fuel average with CO2 emissions of 108g/km.

It is capable to take the three-door small car from0-62m/h in 9.9 seconds with top speed of 121m/h. Its tank range is exceptional with 540m. This 1.2-litre turbo petrol unit is considered in Fuel Economy Grade B and in Road Tax Band it is also in B category.

The MINI ONE with this version of petrol engine has three years warranty with unlimited mileage. This 1.2-litre petrol turbo unit is equipped with manual six-speed as standard and six-speed automatic gear shift system optional for MINI ONE only.

With automatic gear shift the MINI ONE responds differently in acceleration and speed. Though this combination gives more fun to drive than the manual one, but fuel efficiency suffers a little bit.

It takes 10.2 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with the same top speed of 121m/h. the fuel average decreases to 58m/g with a little bit extra emissions at 112g/km.

In five-door MINI with manual gearbox this three-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol unit gives the same performance as it has in three-door version with minor variations as its top speed remains 119 m/h with 10.1 seconds in 0-62m/h sprint.

In MINI COOPER versions the manufacturer has used 134bhp 1.5 litre three-cylinder petrol unit. It gives smooth and speedy ride especially at the top end of the rev range. Its pulling power is impressive one with lot of acceleration. It takes 7.9 seconds to get from 0-62m/h in three-door versions and 8.2 seconds in five-door versions.

2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine

It gives a handy fuel average of 62m/g with 105g/km of CO2 emissions. At the top of MINI’s lineup there is a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Though it is not used in MINI ONE, but it gives impressive performance in MINI COOPER- S and MINI JCW. It produces 210bhp and takes three-door version from 0-62m/h in 6.8 seconds and in five-door version it takes just a single second extra to get from 0-62 m/h.

This engine is made for speed and acceleration with racier sound. This powerful engine is equipped with six-speed automatic gearbox though manual gearbox is also available with this version but the automatic gearbox gives a comfortable drive with lot of ease. It is also not bad in fuel consumption. It gives a competent average of 49.6m/g with high amount of emissions as 133g/km of CO2.

MINI Diesel Engine Range

The diesel engines start with 1.5litre three-cylinder turbocharged with two models, the1.5litre ONE-D and 1.5litre COOPER-D. In three-door MINI ONE model the 1.5litre ONE-D gives an impressive fuel average of 83m/g. Though a little bit slow in performance, but it is capable to get the car from0-62m/h in 11.0 seconds with maximum speed of 118m/h with the least emissions of CO2 as 89g/km.

Due to its efficient performance it is considered in A grade category of Fuel Economy and due to its low exhaustion there is no Road Tax for this version. This engine is equipped with front -wheel- drive and manual six-speed gear box as standard. In five-door MINI ONE models this engine is capable to retain its standard of performance as well. It gives 81m/g of fuel average with same 89g/km of discharge of CO2.

It takes five-door MINI from 0-62m/h in 11.4 seconds with top speed of 116m/h; extra weight does its work in this sense. The 1.5litre COOPER-D is good in speed and acceleration though its fuel average is not as efficient as ONE-D, but it maintains 79m/g of fuel average with 92g/km emissions of CO2 in three-door version.

With bigger and heavier five-door versions, the fuel economy dips slightly. At the top of the list there is a 2.0litre four-cylinder COOPER SD diesel engine which takes 7.0 seconds to get from0-62m/h with top speed of 141m/h. Emissions of CO2 is affordable with110g/km.

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