MINI Offers New X-Ray Vision Concept

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13 Apr 2015
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MINI X-Ray Vision

MINI’s new Augmented Vision Concept at the Shanghai Auto Show

When car companies announce they are bringing out something new, they usually mean a new shape or changing the interior quality. However, MINI a BMW subsidiary decided to alter the way you see reality. Have you been waiting for a heads-up display that works like Google Glass?

MINI has the new Augmented Vision concept: A set of peculiar proportioned goggles that augment your vision with visual notifications that bring relevant information off of dashboard displays and directly into the driver’s field of vision.

The new concept is developed for the Shanghai Auto Show.

This Augmented Vision concept is built around a Qualcomm-powered set of fashionable specs with a built-in, see through display. When properly installed on your face like Iron-Man’s mask, the goggles can project GPS navigation, heads-up display speed limit warning, and notifications when you’ve received text message. It also displays destination and parking info.

However, the coolest feature may be “X-Ray View,” which allows drivers to “see” through certain parts of the car that produce blind spots, such as the A-pillars and doors. Augmented Vision isn’t meant for production, but it demonstrates how augmented-reality technology could be used in future cars, MINI says.

MINI says the fact that Augmented Vision’s projections don’t obscure actual obstacles or other road users actually improves safety.


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