Mind Your Speed at the Deadly A9

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29 Oct 2014
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A9 Dual Carriageway

Speed Camera’s at Scotland’s most notorious A9 Dual Carriageway have been switched on to improve safety


The A9 dual Carriageway will be subject to construction work for a new system from Perth to Inverness and it is planned to begin in May. Speed cameras have been switched on the A9 and higher speed limits for HGVs on the route from Perth to Inverness came into force yesterday. The authorities said that it was necessary to define higher speed limit for HGVs to reduce the frustration levels in drivers caused by the slow driving on busy roads like A9.

The increase in higher speed limit from 40mph to 50mph on single lane roads is being forced under the pilot project. All these initiatives will help reduce the accident rates on the A9. It is the busiest carriageway as it is the only main road link between central Scotland and Highlands. The accident rates on this carriageway are comparatively high because of mixed traffic and single road tracks. It is commonly known as Scotland’s most dangerous road. It has the highest fatality and serious injury rates than the average national rates on other highways in the UK.

Keith Brown is the Minister for Transport and he encourages speed cameras due to their effectiveness in saving lives on dangerous roads like A9. The work on installing new speed cameras, columns and infra-red system will continue on the single carriageway sections of A9 and most of them are now switched on. Drivers are advised to maintain their speed according to the defined limits.

Research shows that the speed cameras have a psychological effect on the driver’s mind and results show that the presence of newly installed cameras was cutting their speed, even if they have not been switched on.

WWF Scotland, an environmental group, has called for these speed camera schemes to be introduced in Scotland as they can save lives. It is a very good initiative that can save many lives on this deadly A9.



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