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2 Jul 2015
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BMW i8 Matte Orrange

BMW i8 was launched last year as a true plug-in hybrid vehicle but now it is changing the whole story with Matte Orange, a serious head-turner


BMW revealed the i8 as its first plug-in hybrid last year and became very popular in the public in the very short period of time. At its launch, BMW had given its customers an option to choose the colour from a list of very vibrant colours.

These colours were Ionic Silver, Protonic Blue, Crystal White and Sophisto but now the German automaker has introduced another colour in the range of already beautiful i8, it’s Matte Orange. A limited colour palette has opened the doors for aftermarket customizations which can be done at the very low price, and the process is very simple. It’s a vinyl wrap.

BMW i8 interior

BMW i8 interior

The matte orange BMW i8 was spotted in Bruges, Belgium, where it was wearing the matte orange vinyl wrap which was matched with matte black accents. The i8, since its launch, is a head turner but after coating in matte orange, it was just looking pixie.

The technology which is used in the i8 is just as impressive as its plug-in hybrid system consisting of a turbocharged three-cylinder BMW engine. It is a BMW Twin Power Turbocharged petrol engine that offers BMW eDrive technology in the form of an electric drive system.

Matte Orange i8

Matte Orange i8

This 1.5-litre combustion engine develops 231bhp and shift the power on the rear wheels. However, 131bhp electric drive system sends its power to the front wheels and allows an all-electric travel distance to 35 kilometers or 22 miles. It has a top speed of 120km/h or 75mph.

As with the i3, the core of the car is based on the LifeDrive architecture and carbon passenger cell that gives particularly low weight. In the U.S. markets, the base price for the i8 is $136,500 and it is without handling fees.

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