Mazda 6 2015 Influenced by KODO Design

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3 Mar 2016
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Mazda 6 2015

The KODO Design Infected Mazda 6 is hard to sense with a Facelift at First Glance but Technical Tweaks Tell the Entire Story

Mazda has polished its 6 with a KODO design treatment and exclusively modified its exterior, especially at the front end. All new Mazda 6 is exclusively fitted with the 3-dimentional front grille and new headlights to make the 6 an eye-catching beauty. A new shark fin antenna makes it even adoring with a redesigned 19-inch alloys.

Mazda 6 kind Instrument Cluster

When get inside of 2015 Mazda 6, you will get a redesigned instrument cluster and floor consoles, fitted closely to each other.

Mazda 6 Performance

Mazda 6 Performance

An electrical parking brake controller gives even luxurious ambiance while the 7-in central console display makes it even active choice for drivers. This display gives the information about the speed and other important activities around.

Mazda 6 engine

Mazda 6 has been powered by some great petrol and diesel engines but the 2.0-litre SkyActiv engine is just awesome.

Mazda 6 engine

Mazda 6 engine

It offers a 162bhp of power from 6000rpm and 155lb-ft of torque starts flowing from only 4000rpm. Basically, it is a Mazda petrol engine equipped with a direct injection fuel delivery system.

Performance figures

It is not a bad performer at all, it returns 47 miles per gallon on an average driving cycle while from stand still to 62 miles per hour, and it takes just over 10 seconds and gets the maximum speed of 130 miles per hour.

Mazda 6 Instrument Cluster

Mazda 6 Instrument Cluster

A six-speed automatic transmission has been offered as standard on the Mazda 6 2.0-litre SkyActiv G models. Being a petrol burner, it is a bit dirty engine and returns just under 140g/km of carbon emissions.

Any Deceptions found?

The majority of reviews are good about the Mazda 6 but there are inferior number drawbacks quoted by several reviewers that it’s slightly firm ride but on the bumpy roads, you have to face a bit discomfort which might be regained on the smooth roads.

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