The King Cobra Is Not What You Think

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2 Dec 2014
By admin
Lynn Park with Cobra

No need to get scared of this King Cobra as he is not a snake but one of most awesome collectors of Ford Shelby Cobras


Whenever we hear someone shouting out king cobra, the first thing that comes into our mind is the deadly poisonous snake which gives us shivers, we get frightened or even get goose bumps. But when it comes to cars, “King of Cobras” is maybe the biggest fan and lover of ford Shelby Cobras, alive in these days. Lynn Park has gained quite a popularity in this regard and being called the “King of the Cobras”.

Ever since his childhood, Park was attracted towards cars more than anything else and as he grew up into teens, his passion for cars even multiplied. Even into the adulthood, it increased to such an extent that his passion forced him to become a drag racer. Park was not in a position to buy a real Shelby Cobra so he built a replica of AC Cobra for himself.

His love for Shelby was getting stronger by each passing year so when he began earn high incomes, he bought a real American Shelby. That was the beginning of that wonderful quest which led him to become one of the biggest collectors of Shelby Cobras, having almost 50 of them. He is so passionate that he buys them, make the necessary fixes, keeps what he likes and sells the rest.

His divine love for Cobras brought him closer to the legend himself, the great Carroll Shelby, and ultimately they both became real close friends. Lynn Park and his two sons, vintage race the Cobras they restore.


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