How Not Knowing BMW 118d can Make You a Rookie

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14 Jul 2018
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BMW 118d

Cars from BMW 1 Series are ready to set the roads on fire

The Bavarian Motor Works, shortened as BMW, is a well-known automaker company, famous for engineering extravagant and athletic cars. The BMW logo displays a jet propeller revolving in front of blue sky, suggests that company used to manufacture aircraft engines back in the 1940s.

BMW is a German company headquartered in Munich where its ground-breaking ceremony was held in 1916. Owing to large-scale productions, BMW has many assembling units placed in several countries. It is the twelfth largest manufacturer of vehicles of the world and has built more 3 million vehicles to date.

The company has a clear, straightforward and innovative vision about the car makers. BMW cars are known essentially for their classy appearance and sturdy performance. All the BMW cars exhibit outstanding qualities and BMW 1 series cars are no exception.

The exceptional BMW 1 Series

BMW has introduced a number of series of cars and 1 series cars are manufactured specifically for people with the low budget but high desires. This is an entry-level series but does not get deceived by the terms because the cars of this series have no parallel.

They provide enjoyable drives due to a range of engines which are very economical but quick.

BMW 118d

BMW 118d is the flagship model of 1 Series. It owns a number of qualities at a very low price. You are destined to enjoy your short or long drive in this car owing to its great adaptability to the tracks.

All the spare parts of the cars are also available at the BMW authorized dealers and garages which also offer used BMW 118d engine for sale. It contains one of the best infotainment systems in its class.

The 118d runs on mid-range diesel engines which blends hatch-like performance with agility. It suits perfectly for both the commercial and domestic users.

What else than an Eco-friendly, efficient Engine?

The BMW 118d is equipped with amazing engines capable to produce up to 141 brake horsepower. Other engines which run BMW 118d include BMW 2.0-litre Hatchback Engine, BMW 118d 2.0-litre Coupe Engine and BMW 118d 2.0-litre Convertible Engine.

All of these diesel engines are particularly made to produce smooth outcomes and make its driver feel better. BMW 118d can accelerate from 0 to 62m/h in just 8.9 seconds. Moreover, the innovative in-gear acceleration allows overtaking slow traffic even in bigger gears. Its gearbox is enabled to provide six-speed manual transmission.

Besides, even if its original engine breaks down, the BMW 118d used engines got your back. They are on par with the original engines and can be accessed from BMW authorised workshops easily.

Fashionable Exterior and Comfortable Interior

BMW always pay full attention to how its vehicles look and never failed the game of exteriors. BMW 118d is no less than a treat to watch from any angle. A sparkling finish is given to the kidney grilles and also to the air intakes which can be observed in the first glance.

It dons BMW’s traditional low-key design which adds to the sophistication of the car. Similarly, the interior does not let you down at all. BMW improved the interior with a number of techy tweaks.

Thanks to the iDrive system through which drivers are enabled to back up all their vehicle’s data on the cloud. The display can be seen on a 6.5-inch screen which is mounted on the dashboard.

In addition to that, Drive Performance Control allows the driver to select a driving mode in accordance with the terrain conditions. There are four driving modes comprising Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Eco Pro mode.

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