How Fiat Ducato Become More Desirable Vehicle? Reasons behind the Success

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7 Feb 2020
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Fiat Ducato

However, You cannot have Auto Speed Transmissions if you Opt a Model With the Base Level

Among larger vans, Fiat Ducato has been a success due to straight away good performance on all important fronts. Over the years it received an unprecedented response and kept evolving to meet the criterion it set since the first release. Fiat Ducato engines have also played a role in this story of success.

In fact, engine performance is of greater value than any other feature of a vehicle so one can claim lion’s share in this success has been of pulling machine. It shared a platform with two other vehicles which are also popular but Ducato has dominated them.

One of the many uses of this van is as motor-home and with high payload capacity, it is preferred. Other reasons behind the selection of this particular van are a variety of engines their output variations. However, you cannot have auto speed transmissions if you opt a model with base-level motor though the auto gearbox is much in business now a day.

The durability of this vehicle has been improved in the new version and it is appreciated by experts. Another advantage is the new smarter power unit with a capacity of 177 horsepower as it not only pulls the loaded van but also keeps running cost reasonable.

This Van Comes With four Different Lengths

Fiat’s multi-jet technology is present in all engines you come across in the range with power variation from 115bhp to 177bhp. Previously you have two engines of 2.3 liters and 3.0 liter with power variants but now Fiat has offered 2.0 liter as a base level and revised 2.3 liters with three power variants.

For maximum fuel economy, 2.3 liter unit with 150bhp output is ideal as it comes with the Eco-Jet option which raises fuel average to 47.9mpg, at least on paper. It has been a popular van and largely due to engine performance so Fiat Ducato Used Engines are in markets around Europe and elsewhere.

These units are handy and can be installed at a very reasonable price. This van comes with four different lengths and three body heights so you can select from several body configurations as per your requirements. Comfort Matic auto gearbox is optional and you can have it in all models except the base level.

It is sleek and less engaging as compared to manual transmissions. This option costs you extra money because it is not standard fitting in models with a 2.0-liter engine. There are many competitors of this van and by raising the bar higher each of them makes the competition tougher for the remaining.

Service Intervals Have Been Stretched to 30 Thousand Miles

You can have Ducato in the form of a panel, platform, and chassis cab, dropsied, three-way, crew van, and minibus. Fiat Engine Suppliers are keen to offer the best to their buyers and second-hand engines you get from them are rebuilt so you get the unblemished unit.

With the improvement in suspension, payloads have increased to 4.2 tonnes and 17 cubic meters capacity is one of the best in a class of 3.5-tonne van. It has also changed in appearance as front grille has new design and interior of the van has also revamped.

Service intervals have been stretched to 30 thousand miles which are quite impressive by all standards. With a new clutch system, it has further improved with the slick-shifting of gears and brakes are also better in function.

Most of These Features are Standard on Every Van

Additional models will also be added to the lineup and you get a 4.3-meter wheelbase model of Ducato chassis cab. There is also news of Euro 6 compliance units for this van which surely enhances its sales. Safety features are kept improving and you get several active safety features and in the latest model, these have increased.

Most of these features are standard on every van and you do not need to pay extra to have them in your van. Auto stability control, driver’s airbag to keep the person sitting on it safe in case of accident and electronic brake force distribution are standard.

For stability improvement there is load adaptive control and rollover mitigation is also present in all vans. For other safety features, you can have optional safety features against their payments. You also get a warranty of two years with unlimited mileage which in the case of three years limited to 120,000 miles.

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