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4 Nov 2016
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Honda CR-V

Good Engine, Fine Interior and Best Infotainments

When you get a car you certainly believe that it would make your life easier in terms of traveling, comfort and economy. Honda CR-V latest model is exactly a vehicle of this attribute and it is proved in real life. Quite easy to be familiar with and in no time it becomes your own driving option. It is a crossover and touch of sport is there while having features of utility. Best engine fuel economy and good space in both rows are instantly noticed along with very good room for cargo. Tech features for entertainment and safety at your service are praised much. High level of popularity is

Honda CRV Engine

Honda CRV Engine

Tech features for entertainment and safety at your service are praised much. High level of popularity is reason of many such qualities of this modern four-wheel machine. A worrisome condition is that the engine can not be upgraded. New seventeen-inch alloy wheels make it different from earlier version. Similarly privacy glass for rear seats and upgraded safety system are new in it.

Experts View:

A competitive, dependable and handy are tags it received from many experts. Long journeys are made less fatiguing with comfortable seats and enough leg space. In safety details there is an automated brake in case of emergency. This is called collision mitigating braking system that is effective with front air bags that are dual stage and multi threshold. Lane departure intimation is also present to be vigilant on road.

Attractive Features:

In appearance additional length and height can be noticed without any effort. Pretty can not be right word for impressive SUV but it is attractive for all. Little turbo engine is muscled up to produce 190 horsepower that result in increased torque. More thrill more fun and more speed is there for you. It does not end here this power is within your reach as best fuel consumption is promised by the manufacturer. Automatic high beam light option is also there to assist driver on any road.

Honda CRV Rear View

Honda CRV Rear View

Lane assistance is there too to remain hassle free while on road. Hand free control of hatch-back rear gate is good facilitation to allow load and unload cargo. Good dimension of touch screen allow easy use of it and thus you can enjoy every feature present on it. The screen is powered by Android so you can expect best from it. Rear view camera is helpful to know happenings around the car with different angles. Nothing can be out of your vision with such a handy feature.

Grand look of CR-V is impressive and window shapes play important part in it. Front bumper is little bumpier and show more details the headlights. The car is available in four different levels and much of features are standard so available in all these.

Honda CRV Interior

Honda CRV Interior

A new navigation system was also promised for better destination assistance and high hopes for up gradation of the same. Four speakers to enjoy your travelling and Bluetooth for instant share and appropriate usage complete the package of infotainment. To conclude it is quite easy to recommend the vehicle for you if you have been looking for a good quality machine with superb exterior to make you proud of your choice.

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