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3 Jan 2018
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Honda Accord

Among mid-size saloons, it has been appreciated for excellent features

In mid-size saloon class, Honda Accord is positioned at prominence and luxurious interior with classy body design are major reasons for this. Engine performance of Japanese brand has always been admired by experts and for this vehicle, decent range of motors is available. Four cylinder and six cylinder powerful engines are present in this series with great features to make driving more like a fun. Speed transmissions are either manual or continuously variable transmission. Technology loaded cabin would certainly make your journey an upscale treat.

Price range is also well in reach of many new car buyers so selling of units would remain high. Number of trim levels is there and each one of them is peculiar in its own kind. From extreme lavish to sporty feel, the buyers can select any of them according to choice. Fuel economy is good and space is no problem for both row passengers. This way, a complete mid-size saloon has been launched by Honda with a touch of its own.

Variations in Honda Accord 1.5T

Honda Accord 1.5T is the most favorite when purchase of this car has been made and the trims available for it are worth discussion. Entry level LX is least priced but little bit more than the previous one. Turbo engine is added for this year with safety features of Honda sensing.

Honda Accord Engine

Honda Accord Engine

LED lights for front and tail lamps are also same. Smart start that allows Honda Accord engine ignition without using key is also offered in this package. For audio display, seven inches LCD is there and four speakers boost the sound as much as you like in this cabin. Parking assistant, rear view camera has been offered. Smartphone connectivity is not possible in this beginning level of packages.

Accord Sport trim specifications

The next one is Accord sport and it has additional features like CVT and bigger display audio. To enhance visibility according to weather conditions, fog lamps have been added. For comfort of the second row riders seats get split.

Honda Accord Interior

Honda Accord Interior

More importantly Android Auto and Apple Car-play are to make cabin friendlier for modern day users. Number of speakers also has been doubled. Choice of manual gearbox is compulsory for real sport feel. The next trim minus the sport features but adds many others like twelve way power driver seat adjustment and heated front seats. Visibility remains ideal with blind spot detection system. Refinement becomes ideal as noise damping has been made possible.

Honda has been offering a blend of speed and luxury

A family saloon does not need to be exceptional in driving for selling in high numbers but Honda Accord has done well to keep a balance.

Honda Accord Rear

Honda Accord Rear

That is why, it can be preferred over any rival in this segment. It is quicker than previous V6 though low in horsepower. It takes just five and half seconds to reach formidable speed of 60mph and with this, it has been added to category of sports saloon. With manual gearbox it gets a bit slower but remains very much sporty.

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