The Future of Cars is Autonomous

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31 Mar 2016
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SMMT Research

The SMMT research discovers that more than half of the world sales are based on autonomous vehicles

The autonomous mobility is not far away, when you will just sit in the car and it will take you wherever you wish to go without any human interface. The SMMT research also shows that the majority of cars feature self-driving technologies.

The Buying Behaviour

Almost every new car buyer in the UK has safety kits fitted to their cars, however the data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders SMMT shows that more than 50 percent buyers prefer to buy most advanced cars ultimately fitted with self-driving technologies.

New Technologies That Eliminate the Human Interface

There is a range of autonomous and semi-autonomous technologies offered in the market where adaptive cruise control system, emergency braking system and blind spot detection system are some of them. These technologies alone save more than 25,000 fatal accidents by detecting the danger before its occurrence.

What SMMT and JATO Dynamics said?

The study, accompanied by the JATO Dynamics and SMMT shows 58.1 per cent of new cars sold in the UK in past year were offering the most modern engine technologies along with built-in collision warning systems. This system monitors the road ahead without any driver interference and detects the dangers. The study also shows that five years ago this percentage was only 6.5 percent but now these systems have been widely spread and saving lives as well.

The Autonomous braking system has been fitted to more than 39 percent cars sold last year and out of these 36 percent, the majority of buyers have not paid extra for the system because it was fitted as a standard to the vehicle.

An incredibly useful system was Blind Spot Monitoring tool which has saved many lives by detecting the sure accidents in the blind spots. Apart from the blind spot detection system, adaptive cruise control system was fitted to 31.7 percent. It was just an option a decade ago.

What SMMT Believes?

The Society of Motors Manufacturers and Traders believes that the autonomous technologies are getting famous with every passing day and the time is very close when these technologies will take over the human drivers and rule the UK roads.

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