Funky Suzuki Ignis Stands Out from the Rest

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5 Jan 2017
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Suzuki Lgnis

Great Value & stylish

The Suzuki Ignis is a genuine much-needed refresher in the city auto class, offering alluring hybrid style looks and a particular character that separates it from adversaries. Love or despise the outside, you need to acknowledge that there’s little else at this cost with so much identity.

The Ignis likewise adheres to Suzuki’s standard qualities of offering huge amounts of hardware for not a terrible parcel of cash, and in spite of the dinky measurements it’s entirely flexible and open. It’s light, and feels spry and nippy around town, yet the market’s best little autos are both more agreeable and more formed to drive.

The Ignis lacks the class of city autos like the Skoda Citigo inside, with some shabby trim however when you think the amount you’re paying, it’s altogether pardonable. Four-wheel drive, and a super-cheap mixture variation, implies there are a lot of strings to this little Suzuki’s bow.

Suzuki Ignis Interior

Suzuki Ignis Interior

Suzuki chose to resuscitate a name from its late history in 2016, joining a scantily populated speciality as it did as such. The principal Suzuki Ignis was a forgettable high-riding supermini, cut out route in 2007. Nonetheless, this new Ignis is absolutely unrecognisable from that, shrivelling and offering an attractive hybrid style outline.


The Japanese brand will let you know that it has developed another model portion with the 2016 Ignis, yet that is not by any stretch of the imagination valid as adversaries, for example, the Fiat Panda 4×4 offer comparable smaller than expected SUV styling and all-wheel-drive footing. Still, the hip styling and unmistakable state of this ‘city auto hybrid’ are sufficient to guarantee its looks dissimilar to much else out and about. Few auto organisations are as experienced at building little autos as Suzuki, thus the certainty it’s appearing in treading this unordinary way.

The new Suzuki Ignis begins from under £10,000, which means it’s valued somewhat higher than Suzuki’s other city auto offering, the Celerio. The Ignis is pitched as the “passionate” offering in the part, while the less expensive, more sensible Celerio is said to be the “levelheaded” decision. Still, the Ignis is valued at a comparable level to routine city autos, for example, the Skoda Citigo and Ford Ka+.

Purchasers can look over only two engine variations in the Ignis, and they both create a similar power figure. It’s Suzuki’s 1.2-liter Dualjet four-chamber petrol engine, accessible in either traditional frame or as a cheap SHVS half-breed. Bizarrely for a city auto, you can likewise indicate a legitimate four-wheel drive framework.

Suzuki Ignis LED Lights

Suzuki Ignis LED Lights

There are three trim levels on offer in the Suzuki Ignis range, and all are extremely all around prepared. Passage level SZ3 trim accompanies six airbags, air-con, a DAB radio with Bluetooth, front electric mirrors and 15-inch compound wheels. Venture up to SZ-T for sat-nav, a back view camera, 16-inch composites, rooftop rails and sliding back seats, while lead SZ5 trim has atmosphere control, independent braking, keyless section, raise electric windows, LED headlights and front fog lamps.

Engines, execution and drive

Keep the Ignis around the local area and it’s nippy and coordinated, however it begins to battle on the open street.

The Suzuki Ignis may claim to be a contracted SUV, however it’s really one of the lightest autos you can purchase in Britain. The stage underneath is imparted to the bigger Baleno, which is not really heavy as it seems to be, yet the littler size means the Ignis has a modest kerb weight. Base models tip the scales at only 810kg, which is lighter than a two-situate Smart ForTwo.

The Ignis feels deft and agile as a consequence of that low weight and short wheelbase, which means it surely feels a world far from most substantial hybrids. It’s a joy to drive around town, with the little size, upright driving position and fabulous perceive ability making it ideal for threading through tight crevices.

Suzuki Ignis Drive

Suzuki Ignis Drive

Be that as it may, it does not have the modernity of opponents once you take off onto the open street, with moderate and dubious guiding lessening the fun figure when paces increment. Body roll is recognisable in spite of at first sharp feel, while various routine city autos handle twists with more self-control.

The ride is likewise a terror. The Ignis is delicately sprung, bringing some relief hindrances, yet it gets got out effectively by sharp knocks, which crash and crash through the lodge. Street commotion is very purported, as well, while perceptible wind and engine clamour mean it isn’t the best city auto for long excursions. Strangely, the lighter non-half breed models are a touch smoother as far as ride quality.


Your engine decision is restricted on the off chance that you need an Ignis. To minimise expenses, Suzuki offers only a 89bhp 1.2-liter four-chamber “Dualjet” petrol engine, with the choice of a creative 48v mellow half and half framework for economy-disapproved of purchasers.

The standard 1.2 is not really wasteful, on account of the little weight it needs to pull along. Around town there’s a lot of jab to get you about, with a smooth gearshift giving you a chance to keep it on the bubble. 120Nm of torque isn’t a dreadful part, in any case, so on engines was and up slopes you’ll have to rev it hard just to stay aware of activity. It’s uproarious when you do as such, as well.

Suzuki Ignis Engine

Suzuki Ignis Engine

Suzuki claims a 0-62mph time that is around two seconds speedier for the SHVS half-breed demonstrate. The Ignis’ 48-volt framework utilises a straightforward belt-driven ‘Coordinated Starter Generator’ (which additionally goes about as a starter engine) giving electrical help amid speeding up. A little battery pack stores the vitality from the regenerative brakes. It’s a set-up that is less expensive, lighter and easier than a full cross breed, managing without the overwhelming batteries and electric engine.

The Ignis SHVS is a bit punchier from the get-go, however when the help tails off you’re left with a similar requirement for revs. It’s insufficient of a help for us to prescribe it over the standard auto, especially as you need to pick the top-spec SZ5 trim to have it.

MPG, CO2 and running expenses

The Ignis offers the recognisable Suzuki family quality of being better than average esteem for cash. Also, notwithstanding looking past the alluring rundown costs, it ought to demonstrate shoddy to run. Indeed, even the non-cross breed 1.2-liter engine deals with an asserted consolidated figure of 61.4mpg and emanates 104g/km of CO2, which is great for a non-turbo unit and means it’s extremely shoddy to assess. Even better, we thought that it was anything but difficult to surpass 50mpg in ordinary driving, with the goal that figure appears to be sensible.

Suzuki Ignis Sliding Back Seats

Suzuki Ignis Sliding Back Seats

The half-breed deals with a marginally better-guaranteed 65.7mpg joined economy and discharges 97g/km of CO2 , however in the event that you spec it with four-wheel drive those numbers crawl out to 60.1mpg and 106g/km. It implies the principal year of street assessment is free on all Ignis models, while the most extreme you’ll pay in year 2 is £20.

Those figures are among the best in the city auto class, while the 4×4 variant is impressively thriftier than the Fiat Panda Cross with a petrol engine. The main downside is the little 32-liter fuel tank.

Repair bills for the Ignis are probably going to be generally in accordance with whatever is left of the Suzuki go – and not exceptionally costly.


Leftover qualities for the Ignis are OK yet not extraordinary for the class. Base adaptations of the Suzuki are anticipated to hold around 42 for every penny of their esteem following three years, yet best spec models see that drop to 35 for each penny. Still, it’s a modest auto in any case so that is not very hard to swallow.

Inside, outline and innovation

Key to the new Suzuki Ignis’ allure is its styling. Not at all like the square shaped old Ignis, today’s model conveys a crisp and unmistakable way to deal with little auto configuration, introducing a hybrid style watch that emerges beside opponents.

Suzuki Ignis Rear View

Suzuki Ignis Rear View

From the front, the Ignis looks contract and has a strong guard and grille configuration, encompassed by a chrome strip and with U-molded LED running lights on higher spec models. Side-on, you begin to see the hybrid impacts in the extended wheel arches and body cladding albeit, strikingly, you have to pick SZ-T models or more to get those and rooftop rails. A few unique hues for the rooftop can likewise be chosen.

The back is the place the retro impacts lie, with the steeply raked window-line and openings in the C-Pillar intended to behold back to Suzuki’s “Whizzkid” city auto of the 1970s. It’s anything but difficult to see why Suzuki positions this as the enthusiastic offering contrasted with the dull-looking Celerio.

Within is significantly more customary, yet at the same time more polished than numerous city auto insides. The two-tone impact for the upper and lower dash lights up things up, as does the body shaded entryway pulls and focus comfort plastic. The focal screen bulges out from the highest point of the dash, yet the design are dated and that lets things down a bit.

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