Ford To Take On Eco Automakers With A Billion Dollar Investment

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22 Dec 2015
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Ford Electric Vehicle Car

Ford to take on Eco automakers like Tesla by investing billions of dollars on electric vehicles


Ford has announced an investment of around $4.5 billion and it is going all in on electric vehicles. It is likely to go in by 2020 according to the management of Ford Motor Company.

What is Ford about to do?

Ford has recently announced the move, but it is not sure that either they are inspired by the success of Tesla Model S or Model X or they are about to compete in the zero emission segment.

But it is confirmed that they are about to introduce 13 new electrified vehicles to the world in the next couple of years.

What kind of new models are to be introduced?

The Blue Oval stated that the total of 13 new models included couple of hybrid powertrains and updates to the existing models like the Ford Focus electric.

The electric model of Ford Focus is coming very soon and it is expected next year.

Current Ford Focus Electric car

The current Ford Focus Electric car has lot to do with its sales and range issues. It has a maximum electric rage of 76miles and the new saloon version is likely to go a bit further, around 100 miles on electric.

In the market, it is not even closer to the electric range of Tesla models. Yes definitely, Ford and Tesla are not exactly in the same league in the electric vehicle production sector. But one is world leader in automobile manufacturing and other raised funds earlier this year to keep the things right.

Which will be hybrid or all electric?

It is not clear yet, but it is expected that the iconic Explorer, Mustang and maybe F-150 truck will also go green.

What will happen to Ford Ecoboost Engines and other technologies worth thinking?

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