Ford Mondeo 2016 Review

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2 Feb 2017
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Ford Mondeo Review

Ford Mondeo 2016 Engine and Specs under Spotlight

The latest edition of Ford Mondeo is now available. ST line offers a new trim with a classy sporty look that is enough to get Ford lovers excited.

Enhancement in exterior design

Powertrains and ST line chassis are more or less the same like the other cars in this range. The car has gone through some serious revamp to give it a sporty look. The bar suspension however lowered by 10mm.

Ford Mondeo Rear View

Ford Mondeo Rear View

The new model boasts shiny 18 to 19-inch alloy wheels. The wipers work exceptionally good. Aside from having rain sensor they wipe a huge area of water from the windscreen efficiently. Brand new ST has a cap less fuel filler that saves time while refueling your car.

The good thing is that comfort level has not been compromised even while making big changes. This posh car is suitable for all kinds of roads and does quite well even on uneven muddy roads.

How powerful is the engine?

Ford ST doesn’t seize to impress us when it comes to engine specs. It has a 2.0-litre powerful petrol engine is fine and smooth for motorway drive. A six-speed manual front wheel drive and a torque of 400Nm and boasting a power of 177bhp.

Ford Mondeo Engine

Ford Mondeo Engine

With a top speed of 137 mph this Ford has earned a good reputation. The fuel economy is great too with 62.8mpg and just 119g/km CO2 emission. The engine is a big one but it does not offer any increased running costs as compared to those in Audi S line and BMW M sport edition.

A look at the interior

Smart touch lock proximity doors give you excellence from safety point of view as well. Big comfortable seats with additional cushioning make long distance travel less tiring and more fun.

Ford Mondeo Interior

Ford Mondeo Interior

Spacious door pockets and large mug holders also add a lot to the luxury for a family man. The back seats provide ample room for three adults for a comfortable ride. The keyless entry and start feature is a proof of coherence with the latest technology.

About the latest infotainment system

The large infotainment screen with SYNC2 multimedia interface is sensitive to touch and is perfect for using apps on the go. And if you are conscious to use touch screen while driving, an alternative voice control system is the next best option.

The screen is situated in the center for easy access and is divided into four quadrants that can be differentiated by different colors. Switching between climate, navigation, entertainment and phone modes has become so much easy.

Ford Mondeo Navigation

Ford Mondeo Navigation

The modern satellite navigation system enables the driver to see location on map. There is “Home” shortcut button on the steering wheel which is certainly a great addition.

Huge profit earned in Europe last year

Ford Motor Company in its release last week claimed of earning $166 million in Europe during the last quarter of 2016. The company shared the details of pretax profit of over $1.2 billion during last year.

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