Ford C-Max MPV with Energetic Engine

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21 Jul 2017
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Ford C-Max MPV

A family MPV which gives the ultimate pleasure of driving

Ford C-Max is an MPV that performs just like a hatchback or you can say a saloon. It is designed to not only carry the family from one place to another but an attractive fun loving compact MPV that can give you the feel of a comparatively smaller car. Buyers mostly go for Ford Galaxy MPV due to its flexible seating, spacious cabin and its driving capability. Some very minor defects in the road runner are its wind noise, out-of-date cabin and its common old style. Other than this, there are many more reasons why one should buy Ford C-Max and will not regret its presence. Its efficient engine, high practicality and good grip are very attractive reasons for purchasing the MPV.


Engine Line up:


There are some very attractive engines the company offers which make this passenger carrier different from its rivals.

Petrol: If talking about the petrol engines, the starting one is the 1.0-Litre engine which is suitable for short distance journeys. Moving up is the C-Max 1.6-Litre engine which is not with a turbo charge and that is why it is not preferable. The 1.0-Litre engine is much punchier and it carries the heavy load with ease showing no stress and effort. It is economical also as the engine have to work less, while in the other choice as the engine is not turbocharged so it is not economical.

Diesel: The diesel engines are more attractive and give a performance which suits an MPV. The most efficient in the diesel range is 1.5-TDCi diesel engine with 118bhp and official fuel economy of 67mpg. Then there is a 2.0-Litre engine which is not a bad choice as it does not feel much behind the 1.5 with Ford claiming 64.2mpg of fuel economy.


Interior Cabin:


The interior layout compliments its outer look. It is spacious can easily adjust 5 passengers and the seats can increase to seven if you are purchasing a higher trim. The boot and head space is good. Head up display for the passengers as well as the driver is good for a much more controlled drive.

The MPV is packed with latest infotainment system which is easy to be used with shortcuts on the touch screen and menu bar to access any feature easily without disturbing the ride.


Drive and Handling:


This is the area where Ford C-Max beats its rivals. The road grip and steering control of the MPV is a no match with its competitors. The clench of the steering compliments the vehicle and thus ensures a complete connection between the two. There is a little problem in this area as the steering wheel is a little too focused and the body weight seems like shifting to the corners while in the turns. But as the road grip is outstanding whether on a smooth surface or on a bumpy road, this problem can be overlooked for not missing a piece of engineering that covers all the areas that are necessary.

The ride comfort is very good and there is not a single bump that is felt by the passengers throughout the ride. Due to road grip, one can turn in speed with no slipping or loosing balance and control of the MPV.

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