Why everyone is talking about BMW X1 engine?

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7 Nov 2016
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BMW X1 is providing efficient engine plus Rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive with a lot of variety and as far as comfort concerns; BMW X1’s latest models are just superb.

A productive saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” means if you use an apple daily, you would have no need to see doctor. And if you are searching a car with utter comfort and smooth engine, and also you are tired of visiting mechanic every week or month; here is the treatment, BMW X1.

History of BMW

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke and it is regarded as the best luxurious cars, motorcycles and engines manufacturing company. It was founded in 1916 with first headquarter established in Germany. “Dixi” was the first car manufactured and launched successfully by BMW. It’s been a century BMW is giving its customers classy vehicles with almost every type of taste.

BMW has had successfully managed to upkeep their standard and trust of its buyers. BMW is working at its best for days and nights to satisfy their customers.

Generations and models of BMW X1

We can categorise BMW X1 in two generations; First Generation was from 2009-2015 and the second generation from 2015-present. The different models of X1 series include BMW X1 E-84, sDrive18i, sDrive20i, xDrive20i, xDrive28i, xDrive20d, 2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i and many more. Every single model was made according to the prerequisites of costumers with elegant interior and classic body styling.

 What’s new in X1?

BMW X1 2015 model is totally different and splendid as compared to its forerunners. Although it looks bigger in size but actually it is marginally shorter than other cars of this family.

Wider bulk and extensive wheelbase makes it more voluminous than its predecessors. It is 53mm taller and 23mm wider as compared to previous models. The older models were made on three series touring platform while it is based on two series platform and in 2015, number of cars sold was four million.

BMW X1 Engines

While observing the engines of BMW X1 more attentively, we come to know that there is an option of three diesels and one petrol turbo-charged engines and CO2 emission of all engines is less than 150g/km.

The most economical regarding fuel is sDrive-18d, offering front-wheel – drive only, which emits 114g/km of CO2 and gives 68.9mpg. Another monster is 20d which provides four-wheel-drives with the emission of 128g/km returning 57.6mpg.Here comes the 25d, also four wheel drive, making 56.5mpg and emits 132g/km of CO2.

Interior and exterior of 2017 BMW X1 XDRIVE28I

It offers an exciting drive in spite of the fact that its body shape is like SUV. It’s quick and responsive steering would get you feel lighter while drive. Sat-nav, 17-inches alloy wheels, LED headlights make X1 more luxurious and comfortable.

Comfort and boot Space

It comes up with 505-litre boot which is 85-liter bigger than before. You can fold the rear seats down and get 1550-liter load area which is 200-liter more than the older X1s.

What we suggest?

X1 is just superb regarding efficiency and comfort and it would keep you away from any trouble relating engine and you will talk about X1 every time you would have a journey. So, what do you say?

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