BMW can Predict the Traffic Signals

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4 Aug 2015
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A new claim has been made by BMW to be the first automaker to help urban drivers anticipate traffic signals with the help of an integrated new app

Whenever you are on a busy road and in a hurry, it often happens that you get stuck in the traffic so bad that it literally drives you made. Even the worst that can happen is when you get a red light over and over again, it’s just so bloody annoying.

Every effort to avoid that red light goes in vain as you have no idea when the light is going to turn red. You could have saved yourself plenty of time and a great deal of annoyance if somehow, by any mean, you could predict the traffic signals.

Enlighten-App Integration

Enlighten-App Integration

Enlighten app is here to save you the trouble

Connected Signals is the company which has created a wonder, an amazing app, named “EnLighten”, enabling the driver to see the current state of traffic light ahead of the vehicle.

It will also show the time until the signal change in the form of a countdown. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

Well it doesn’t just do that, it’s carefully designed algorithm analyses vehicle’s current position and speed so to determine whether or not to give it a try to beat the signal or stop for the light.

These recommendations are made to the driver, and it also sounds an audio alert if the driver approaches near an about to change the light.

Crash Leicester at Red light

Crash Leicester at Red light

Will it work on the intersections too?

Absolutely. The intersections usually have dedicated lights for turns, this  is a perfectly suitable app for performing similar functions.

When a driver flicks car’s turn signal, the app analyses the appropriate parameters according to the data received through the software.

How the BMW fits in?

All the new BMW models which are equipped with the BMW Apps are compatible with EnLighten but a compatible iPhone is needed to run the app.

This app can be download free from the Apple App Store. But you need to keep it mind that EnLighten is able to work only in those cities that have an integrated network of smart traffic signals.

Crossing Red Light

Crossing Red Light

So far, the only supported cities for EnLighten are Eugene, Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City and Utah. Connected Signals is working on other cities which will be added soon.

The purpose of systems like EnLighten is to improve the safety by lessening the chances of drivers running into the red lights by giving them more information about the traffic signals.

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