BMW 3 Series – What’s New?

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26 Oct 2015
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BMW 3-series 2015 and 2016

The new 3 Series offers greater fuel economy and emissions.


What’s new in the BMW 3 Series?


That’s something you need to find out by yourself. The nips and tucks at the front and rear are so minor that you’ll probably need a strong magnifying glass. But it has noticeable improvements in the fuel economy and emissions side.


The Looks and Image of BMW 3 Series


As compared to the earlier versions, this one has a little lesser sculpted front bumper but it has a greater emphasis on the horizontal lines.

There is one thing clear that when it comes to premium cars, BMW’s domination is not as strong as it once was. But apart from anything, it still has a strong following and remains one of the most influential and popular saloon in the Britain.


What about space and practicality?


Recessed bins at the sides, a large aperture to slot larger cases, and big boot behind rear seats, pretty practical. The cabin is spacious enough to accommodate passengers and front doors include door bins that come in handy at times.

With longer rear seat squabs, the 3 Series offers ample legroom in the back. The leather covered surfaces are also a nice touch.

How does it feel behind the wheel?


Despite the hefty price tag, the 320d is the biggest seller which has very impressive efficiency numbers and an optional eight-speed automatic gearbox. It has a 188bhp BMW engine that produces 295lb/ft of torque.

The handling is super-stable, when you have the M Sport version’s larger wheels, the grip increases considerably. Thanks to the Efficient Dynamics, it now floats in a well-controlled manner.


What about the value for money?


The 320D xDrive will cost you almost £46,000 with options selected. And a well-equipped standard 335d with a fair amount of torque will cost you less than £41,000. As many of BMW’s options are being replaced by better versions, so sticking to the standard version will be a wise choice. When compared to its rivals from Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes, the Sport trim of 320d is arguably cheaper.


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