BMW 118d is a Good Car to Own

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25 Aug 2017
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BMW 1 Series

High performance overshadows the less modern look of exterior

BMW 118d is a fuel efficient diesel engine car for UK roads. Sale of this vehicle as compared to BMW petrol engines is very high in the country. And this model of the BMW 1 series is prominent among the rest due to excellent features. Body design is a concern for buyers because styling is not appealing at first glance. The top competitor is cheaper than this German product and it is hurting sales. But there are good things like fuel efficiency, comfort for the riders and splendid handling at difficult driving junctures to allure possible buyers.


Punchy diesel engine with automatic gearbox


The engine is quite efficient and functions very well to produce power of 105KW. Peak torque is 320Nm that guarantees acceleration in no time. Though the figure of reaching speed of 100km in 8.9 seconds does not suggest the claims but it is punchier. Carbon emission is also well under the set limits by the authorities concerned about environment.

You would never feel the need of full throttle unless attempt to overtake a more powerful vehicle. Shifting of eight automatic speed transmissions are also smooth and adds to the effort of the machine to move fast. This gearbox gives you liberty and you do not need to remain busy in putting it in right gear.

Being a luxury compact car, it outdoes most of the vehicles in this group. 2.0 Litre Turbo diesel engine is the only unit in this range of hatchbacks. It requires just 4.5 Litre to reach a destination at 100km distance. Without any compromise on agility and fun feeling of driving this figure of economy is more than satisfactory.


Suspension performs well at different tracks


Riding experience is good and feeling of comfort never leaves you on different tracks. Suspension is good and absorbs impairments of surfaces to keep the riders happy. Base is wider to offer comfort of high grade. Space for luggage is good to take boxes of bigger sizes.

Interior is obviously of better quality and use of metal has made it a cabin that attracts. Leather seats are unique in this class of automobiles and provide a touch that is much needed for a car of German company. Safety features are included to ensure protection of the passengers.

Eco Pro Mode for enhanced fuel economy


To increase fuel efficiency, stop start technology is also present in all vehicles of this series. Sometimes it may bother you but you can deactivate it at any time. The driving modes also allow you to make adjustments according to the track and your driving style. For better mileage Eco Pro mode is ideal and to make driving fun selection of Sport mode is must. If priority is performance then the latter option is right one.

To control the vehicle, steering has been made of accurate weight and responds quickly to every small move of your hands. But it does not mean that it overreacts so it remains totally in your control. With such a tool handling becomes much easier.

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