BMW 116i, the Fuel Efficient Car You Never Had Before

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10 Mar 2020
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BMW 116i Engines for sale

Splendidly Designed Vehicle for Your Exceptional Choice BMW 116i

The BMW 116i has made a new trend with its marvelous look and awe-inspiring beauty. Its luxurious style catches the attention of its viewers who are impressed by it just at first look due to its stunning charm. This luxurious vehicle is the outcome of the dreams cherished by car lovers to have some economical car but superbly with all updated systems.

Emerging from the BMW 1 series, 116i is a precise luxurious car marketed in 2004. It contained every comfort and expertise you wish to have in a car. Its solid exterior body, attractive interior, and stylish wheels and other accessories beg to be appreciated.

As far as the exterior of the BMW 116i is concerned, it is not less than a miraculous one with a terrific style, superb finishing, and excellent design. Simply speaking, the hidden excellence of the car oozes from the overall complexion.

The BMW 116i is featured with front fog lights and alloy wheels. However, some owners have some reservations with the doors that are not conducive to one but the issue is not much problematic as complained. You need not worry as all the parts like Reconditioned BMW Engines are available in the automobile market.

Interior and Systems Provided

This attractive vehicle is having a spacious interior and comfortable seats to sit in. Furthermore, the front, as well as rear seats, are too comfortable. Ease and comfort are the key features of the BMW 116i.

Some other interior features provided include power steering, heated mirrors, air condition, and electric windows. The 6.5-inch full-color screen a part of the infotainment system never let you bore while on some adventurous long journeys.

The crash safety test results fully endorsed the efficiency of the car with the provision of ABS, ESP, belt pretensions, six airbags, and a 3-point center belt. Apart from these, the security features provided are quite helpful for the drive and other occupiers. For your ease now you can have Used BMW Engines For Sale from all authorised dealers across the country.

These safety systems are deadlocks, remote locking, alarm, immobilizer and wheel locking nits. The inner cabin of the BMW 116i is perfectly relaxing adorned with some precious packages. These include RDS CD, MP3 and MP3/iPod and Bluetooth.

The concrete and precise steering is the peculiar feature of the BMW 116i. Just look at the Eco mode which is a very blessing for suburban and parking areas. On the other hand, the Sport button gives you a thrilling driving and by pushing it, a heavier and direct response is gotten with negligible pressure.

To increase the handling powers, the BMW series 1 got used to rear-wheel drive for the much power and changing the direction.

Engine Performance of BMW 116i

The BMW 116i is offered with a turbocharged 4-cylinders petrol engine. The engine has a close similarity with the engines of series 1, but a little bit different in fuel efficiency. The torque is 220Nm and the power of this engine of MMW 116i is 100 kW.

Another excellent scroll principle is very expertly devised to increase the efficiency of the engine which works in two ways. Among these one way is with turbocharger and another one is with exhaust supported by twin 4-cylinders. The softest manually operated recon BMW gearbox is joyous for the driver with easy pedal positions.

The torque of the engine depicts that you can very easily use the lower gear and reverse and can get the pleasure of linear power output. Thus this system provides excellent speed desired by a sport or luxury car up to 100Km/h merely in 8.7 seconds. Although this power is extraordinary and the fuel consumption attained by the BMW 116i is 5.6 to 5.9 l/100km.

Fuel Economy

The CO2 emission of 132 g/Km and fuel economy 49.6 mpg play a vital role in less emission of harmful gasses to the environment. This is the great achievement of the company to design such engines which lower hazardous emissions.

As we can well perceive that the environment has become a strong hub of concentration due to the alarming increase of greenhouse gases which are depleting the ozone layer. And due to increased emissions from the vehicles, the harmful gases like CO and CO2 are contributing to the increased level of global warming.

The Eco Pro Mode does not allow the throttle response to increasing and checks the use of the heated seats and air-conditioning. The powerful engine, entertaining inner atmosphere, and sue of high materials have made the BMW 116i a classic and stylish vehicle.

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