The Best 10, Eight-Seaters You Can Buy in UK

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24 Aug 2017
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Top Ten Eight Seaters in UK

For the larger families of eight folks, a seven seater simply can’t raise eight, our best eight seaters can do the trick

These days’ seven seaters MPVs or SUVs are simply the best vehicles and can easily handle a family of up to seven persons, but it becomes a great problem if your family has eight persons and you need to carry all of them with you to a party or a picnic or even to a holiday trip. There are not many eight seaters in the market that can offer you all the facilities of a family car. This is not a matter that doesn’t let you with any option, there are several options but it is a bit hard to decide upon the options.

Usually, the drivers who carry eight occupants, use mini buses like offered by Ford MPV or Volkswagen, but they don’t think about the eight seaters, they prefer to buy an unsophisticated mini bus to meet their needs. There are several automakers who offer eight seat MPVs these days and they are even modern and sophisticated than those old school mini buses.

What is the logic of carrying that many people?


The logic is very simple, a seven seat SUV can carry seven people including a driver but if you have a family of eight people, your seven seater is of no use, you need a mini bus which is not a feasible option, so an eight seater is the only option that remains active. However, modern-day suspension and engines ensure the best driving experience that is more like a car that you have driven in the past. There are several factors that increase the comfort levels and the interior built quality can be higher than you would assume.

Our selection of top 10, eight seaters seems like what your options are, if you need to be prepared to carry eight passengers or even seven passengers along with their luggage, you can use them in any way you like. Now it is very clear that if simply your seven seater doesn’t cut it and you need an eight seater, you have to take a look at our list of top ten eight seaters available in the market. And we have selected the best options available in the market. Let’s dive into the list of top ten, best eight seaters and discuss them all one by one.


  1. Citroen Space Tourer


Engines: 2 diesel engines offered

Engine trims: 1.6-Litre and 2.0 BlueHDI

Power range: 115bhp – 180bhp

Price Range: £29,500 – £32,500

The Citroen Space Tourer is established on the Citroen Dispatch van platform, however, Citroen has accomplished an excellent job at concealing these origins – on the inside, at least. It is one of the most advanced eight seat vans that can carry eight passengers and added in a seven-inch infotainment touchscreen system behind all the seats to entertain the passengers and the dashboard wouldn’t suppose too out of situation in a conventional or the base model, while the suspension does an excellent job of shielding you from potholes and terrible road surfaces like it is now in the UK these days, when potholes are damaging the vehicles and disturbing the overall riding comfort of people.

The Space Tourer is an exceptionally flexible vehicle that you can decide upon how huge you need a Space Tourer to be, by moving the seats or closing them to make it a luggage carrier. The XS is the smallest model and it is 4.6-metres long, however it is not the longest because there is a 5-metre length M and the 5.3-metre XL, also available and present with more space, with the last being equipped of transporting nine passengers in preparation. If you are looking for an even powerful option, then you can go for the more robust BlueHDI 150 or 180 diesel engines if possible, both of these engines are capable of cranking a power punch of 150bhp to 180bhp because the most initial level BlueHDI 95 model takes just about 16 seconds to get from zero-62 miles per hour and feels underpowered in some situations, otherwise in the flow, it is the best vehicle.


  1. Peugeot Traveller


Engines: 2 diesel engines offered

Engine trims: 1.6-Litre and 2.0 BlueHDI

Power range: 95bhp – 180bhp

Price Range: £29,205 – £43,610

The Peugeot Traveller was developed as the sibling of the Citroen Space Tourer and a direct competitor to the Toyota Proace Verso, so which of these three you pick, will have to come all the way down to brand selection and cost. The Traveller is specifically available in five, seven or eight seat variations and whilst the business model aimed at inns, airports and similarly there is a 9 seats model also offered for some special occasions. As with the larger vehicles and SUVs, it shares materials with, the Peugeot is available in three sizes, where XS, M and XL are namely the trims, whilst the 1.6 and 2.0-Litre diesel engines offer respectable fuel economy of more than 45 miles per gallon and the most economical model returns 54.5 miles per gallon and only £140 a year to pay in road tax. We advocate the 148bhp 2.0-Litre diesel engine, as its further punch makes maintaining up with the traffic ahead without denting the fuel economy too bad.


  1. Toyota Proace Verso


Engines: 2 diesel engines offered

Engine trims: 1.6-Litre and 2.0-Litre

Power range: 94bhp – 180bhp

Price Range: £26,760 – £45,150

The Toyota Proace Verso is built at the same manufacturing facility at which the Space Tourer was developed, so it moreover comes in three specific body sizes to make it even more flexible and has sliding rear doors. For the taxi drivers, the Proace Verso Shuttle has been designed, however, it also focuses on the families with more than seven people and also you will get alloy wheels, satellite navigation system and a head-up display as standard to make your ride even better. We would avert the entry-level 1.6-Litre diesel engine with only 95bhp power as it feels under power in the heavy traffic and prefer the 148bhp, 2.0-Litre engine as it cranks more power and feels very comfortable while tackling the heavy motorway traffic, which takes an acceptable 13.0 seconds to head from 0-62 miles per hour, returns 53.3 miles per gallon and it has same road tax band as of the Peugeot Traveller or Citroen Space Tourer have.


  1. Mercedes V-class


Engines: 1 engine offered

Engine trims: 2.1-Litre CDI

Power range: 136bhp – 190bhp

Price Range: £47,235 – £57,195

The Mercedes V-class is one of the most expensive eight seaters offered in the market and it requires deep pockets to buy, as the most basic variation costs a number of thousand pounds more than most of its competitors on this list. You’ll go for the long or extra lengthy model if you wish to have eight seats fitted in the model and it will cost you not less than fifty thousand pounds, however, Mercedes matches satellite navigation system, leather upholstery, and two power-sliding rear doors as common. The V-Class’ dashboard is anything of a master class interiors, as it’s essentially much like the ease of Mercedes’ line-up. That means you get a touch pad, a seven-inch infotainment system and a luxurious quality built as general. Mercedes’ AMG Line trim adds a ‘sporty’ body kit, 19-inch alloy wheels and carbon-fiber effects inside.


  1. Hyundai i800


Engines: 1 diesel engine offered

Engine trims: 2.5-Litre CRDI

Power range: 134bhp – 170bhp

Price Range: £27,500 – £29,500

The Hyundai i800 is one of the best eight seat vehicles that is more than five meters lengthy in average form. It is even cheaper than many of the cars on this list, so you get a giant boot capacity of more than 850 litres, moreover to eight seats. Hyundai additionally offers alloy wheels, power windows, air-conditioning on both front and rear sides and separate control units for both sides and Hyundai’s high-quality unlimited mileage guarantee for 5 to 12 months.

The only i800 2.5-Litre diesel engine which comes with both 134 or 170bhp never gives you an impression of being under power and can be very handiest return 33.6 miles per gallon and sits in benefit in kind (BiK) band in its most effective form, so it’s now not one of the cheapest vehicles to ride in its class and the more strong engine gets you an automatic gearbox as standard, but expenses much more to run. The 134bhp model of the i800 is miserably slow and takes more than 17 seconds to reach the benchmark speed of 62 miles per hour.


  1. Ford Tourneo Custom


Engines: 1 diesel engine offered

Engine trims: EcoBlue 2.0-Litre TDCi

Power range: 105bhp – 170bhp

Price Range: £34,500 – £36,500

Modern Fords have a repute for being enjoyable riders and it’s true for the Transit van based Tourneo Custom. As long as you’re happy with the Tourneo Custom’s element, its sharp steerage, remarkable brakes and snippy gear change infer there are awful amounts of fun to be had on windy roads. The Zetec trim is the most recommended, as this provides a fiery windscreen, air-conditioning and wipers.


  1. Vauxhall Vivaro Combi


Engines: 1 diesel engine offered

Engine trims: 1.6-Litre, CDTI

Power range: 89bhp – 138bhp

Price Range: £25,500 – £32,500

The Vivaro Combi isn’t a great van to drive when you have the vans like the Tourneo Custom, neither is the driving gadgets are attractive including the dashboard as attractive as the VW Transporter Shuttle’s, but it is surely good priced and sensibly well-armed. There is two wheel base versions where a long wheelbase version and a short wheelbase version, and each is available with eight or nine seats. Elevation from the 94bhp to the 123bhp version of the same 1.6-Litre diesel engine and fuel economy and CO2 emissions openly backing to 50.4 miles per gallon and 145g/km for scale down sauntering costs. General equipment involves daylight strolling lights, power windows, far flung central locking and Bluetooth connectivity, just make sure you tick the rear parking sensor box when you select your vehicle on a configurator because the Vivaro Combi’s standard features don’t include this gadget, although Vauxhall doesn’t consider so.


  1. Renault Trafic Passenger


Engines: 1 diesel engine offered

Engine trims: 2.0-Litre, CDTI

Power range: 94bhp – 123bhp

Price Range: £24,500 – £32,500

For those who wish to have a Renault badge on their van rather than the Vauxhall badge, it is very obvious that the Trafic has same qualities as of the Vivaro Combi. There is only one Renault engine that returns three power levels from its 1.6-Litre displacement, provided with 94, 123 and 143bhp, which returns between forty seven to fifty miles per gallon. It’s valued at getting the 123bhp engine, as this drops the zero to 62 miles per hour time from a lumbering 15.9 seconds to an extra useful eleven seconds to get the 62 miles per hour. Entry level model that comes with the business trim includes a DAB radio, electric front home windows and Bluetooth connectivity, whilst upgrading to the sports model that adds a seven-inch touchscreen, air-conditioning, satellite navigation, upgraded seat fabric, and rear parking sensors.


  1. Mercedes Vito Tourer


Engines: 1 diesel engine offered

Engine trims: 2.1-Litre

Power range: 134bhp

Price Range: £34,500

If you are one of the Mercedes-Benz lovers, and looking for an eight-seater Mercedes-Benz but can’t pay the price of Mercedes-Benz v-class, the Vito Tourer could also be for you. Right, it does without the V-class’ fancy dashboard and typical gadgets and driving gear, but it surely about £18,000 more cost effective. You will get cruise control as standard along with the air conditioning, whilst upgrading to pro and pick trims provides extras like alloy wheels, tinted windows, and further interior lights, the better up the trim range you will go and the extra robust engine you will select, the price will also go up and closer to the v class.


  1. Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle


Engines: 1 diesel engine offered

Engine trims: 2.0-Litre TDI

Power range: 95bhp – 148bhp

Price Range; £20,500 – £27,500

The VW Transporter Shuttle is a middle model between Mercedes V-class and the opposite cars on this list, the VW Transporter Shuttle is a bit costly than Peugeot Traveller, but for some Volkswagen’s photo validates the payment. All Transporter Shuttles come with a five-inch touchscreen infotainment system, front electric home windows, rear sun blinds as standard, and that you would be able to upgrade to the long-wheelbase variation in the event you’d like a superior, bigger and bolder cabin and the boot. The engines are all 2.0-Litre diesel engines, but 148bhp diesel is the best when buying a Transporter Shuttle

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