Audi and Porsche Tie the Knot

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2 Sep 2015
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Audi Porsche

V6 or V8 which could be better! Wait, B9 and S-Line is yet to come. Audi and Porsche have signed a historic agreement to co-engineer V6 and V8 engines.


Specification of V6 and V8 models

Good deal for the customers by Audi and Porsche, Both of the companies had settled an agreement to work together to develop V6 and V8 engines. The sharing of technology between the two companies may result to bring the breakthrough in engine technology. They are keen to produce a new generation of gasoline powered with a turbocharged technology.

They developed Audi RS 2 back in the past. But it is first time that they are working together to develop new engines to bring fun and thrill of driving for its customers. Porsche has already shared expertise with Volkswagen group.

Porsche has used engine and architecture in its Cayenne and now in Macan.

The displacement for V6 will be 3.0-litre and V8 with 4.0-litre. Both of models are designed with 90-degree architecture and equipped with 500cc capacity. The code names for engines are KoVo or Konzern Vee Otto Motoren.

There is a feature of the exhaust gas-driven turbocharger. However, it is quite certain that traditional gas-driven turbo technology will be replaced by innovative, unique and outstanding electric turbos in both of the models.

B9 Generation and S-Line models

Audi is quite reluctant to release any information about B9 models. Audi is using a strategy of keeping quiet and work hard to bring innovative engine technology for its lovers. Both of the models the Avant (B9 generation) and A4-Sedan models are expected to come up with cool features and state of the art engine technologies.

The S line model contains 2.0 TFSI engine and it will be categorized into two power stages.


There is the new technology of seven-speed dual clutch S-Tronic transmission, it enables the car to acquire Quattro all-wheel drive. The S-line has LED headlights and 12.3-inch instrument cluster which is fully digital and customize.

The sport steering wheel gives perfect support and handling. The S-Line model is expected to release in coming Frankfurt Motor show.





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