15 Percent MOT Results are Wrong or Misinterpreted

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29 Aug 2015
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MOT Tests

According to the research, fifteen percent of MOT verdicts are wrong


A research reveals that more than 15 percent MOT test results were wrong or misinterpreted. The figures were obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency’s DVSA Annual MOT Compliance Survey that shows fifteen percent of results were incorrect or falsely interpreted.

18 percent motorists of those, who given a pass were actually failed or in other words, their vehicles were not complying the DVSA MOT Standards. There is another surprise still to come, 11 percent of those who were actually passing in the test, given a fail.

VOSA Test Certificates

VOSA Test Certificates

The results from 2014 highlight the growing inaccuracy of MOT tests at the test centres across the UK. The DVSA’s error rate is 15 percent across the 1,800 randomly selected MOT centres in the UK, where vehicle examiners found faulty testing systems. 15 percent error rate has been accrued due to missing information and sometimes ignoring the data.

Apart from very common defects like flat tyres, faulty headlamps or windshield wipers, there were hundreds of other faults ignored and given a pass. Similarly, there were 11 percent pass vehicles wrongly given a fail.

MOT Testing

MOT Testing

This carelessness by the MOT test stations to force the DVSA to issue a comprehensive disciplinary action to overcome this 15 percent error rate.

Because these, 15 percent unfit vehicles that are given a pass, actually can pose a real threat to the life of other motorists on the road. An unfit vehicle on the road can cause a serious accident. MOT tests do not cost much, but saving from an MOT can cost many lives, including the life of the occupants of an unfit vehicle.

CHecking Rims and Tyres

Checking Rims and Tyres

A DVSA spokesperson on this issue said that the agency continues to take the quality of MOT testing very seriously. The DVSA will take action against the garages who fail to comply with the standards, DVSA will withdraw their licences.


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