10 Ways Of Getting Banned From Driving

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20 Oct 2014
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New Drivers Got Banned


Do not follow these guidelines if you are a new driver or you will get banned


Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) stated in the reports that newly qualified drivers can easily get banned and the figure has climbed to almost 10,000 each year. There are 10 most dominating reasons which can cause a ban on your driving licence. We recommend you not to follow any of these 10 ways if you want to stay on the road.

1-    Driving Without Insurance Cover

Driving a vehicle without having a valid insurance cover is most likely to put a ban on your driving. Almost 22,000 drivers out of 40,000 since 2010,more than half, got banned because they failed to present their valid insurance cover. These 22,000 drivers were found driving the vehicles without any insurance cover against the third party risk.

2-    Speeding on Public Roads

Over speeding is very common issue for new drivers as they want to enjoy the thrilling ride especially when they have cars with big  engines, but they are highly likely to get noticed by the authorities. Reports show that 7,220 new drivers have been banned for speeding on public roads in UK since 2010.

3-    Vehicle Control

The third most common reason that causes a ban on driving is unauthorised activities behind the wheel, such as using mobile phones. 1,766 bans were related to breaking of requirements as to the vehicle control.

4-    Driver’s Identity

More than 2,200 newly qualified drivers get banned because they were unable to present their actual information according to driver’s identity records, Some international drivers can not be traced in UK.

5-    Care and Attention

More than 1,650 newly qualified drivers get banned because they were driving inattentively or snoozing behind the wheel.

6-    Motorway Speeding

When newly qualified drivers leave the urban traffic behind and come to the motorway, they usually feel themselves free and eventually speed-up their vehicles that cause the breach of speed limits defined for motorway. 1,249 newly qualified drivers went down due to this issue.

7-    Traffic Lights Jumping

Most of the newly qualified drivers fail to comply with traffic signals and become the victims of the ban on driving. 1,020 of these newly qualified drivers were barred from driving.

8-    Defective Tyres

A number of newly qualified drivers fail to comply with vehicle maintenance and fitness rules and get banned. More than 850 newly qualified drivers get banned because they were driving the vehicles with worn out or defective tyres.

9-    Insurance Offence

Apart from those 22,000 drivers who get banned for failing to present valid insurance cover, there are other 699 newly qualified drivers who went down on other insurance related issues.

10-     Fleeing from Crime Scene

In the case of any offensive activity or accident, new drivers get frightened and escape from the crime scene, a blunder they usually make, and then get the penalty. There are 665 drivers reported banned for not stopping after accidents.

If you are one of those 10,000 unfortunate victims of the ban on driving and feeling regrets, then share your story with us so that any other new drivers can save themselves from getting banned.

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