Free Tips for Driving in Winter

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8 Dec 2015
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Tips to Help in Winter Drive

There are couple of important things to remember for winter driving. Read the following blog carefully

The drivers need to be well prepared ahead of time because severe weather could have serious consequences for automobile travel, it can be both dangerous and frightening.

The drivers need to be informed to deal with winter as winter could trigger serious road emergencies. This blog helps to understand important safety rules of winter driving.

The following safety tips can help to drive safely during winter season.


1 – First thing first, you must have good health before driving in winter as it causes lot of stress.

2  – It is not good idea to warm up your vehicle in enclosed area like garage.

3 – It is important to remember that the tires need to be properly inflated before taking your vehicle out in winter.

4 – Gas line freeze-ups are common in winter, make sure your car tank is at least half full.

5 – Avoid parking brake in snowy, rainy and cold weather only if possible.

6 – It is advisable to stop cruise control usage while driving on slippery surface such as on wet or icy roads.

7 – Try to hold steering wheel firmly at all the times during winter.

8 – Proper use of seat belt is crucial all the time but its importance increases many folds during winter.


There are couple of more safety tips to remember for long-distance travelling during winter

1 – First things first, read the weather reports in detail, now a days there are variety of useful free weather apps. In case, there is severe weather forecast, you can delay the trip because it could be deadly.

However, if it is urgent and necessary to travel, let others inform about your complete travel plan and possible arrival time.

2 – Make sure your vehicle is in perfect operating condition and engine is working absolutely fine before going for a long journey in weather.

You may visit nearby garage for quick-check as it is highly recommended because few minutes auto-check could helpful a lot.


3 – You need to carry a blanket, gloves, and sufficient amount of food and water with you for long-distance journey in winter.

4 – It is important to stay within the vehicle if your car vehicle got caught in the snow.

5 – Don’t try to push your vehicle for getting out of the snow, it will make the situation even worse.

6 – It is important to prevent the exhaust pipe from clogging with mud, ice or snow. Because the clogged pipe causes carbon monoxide when the engine is running. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas.

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