Factors That Determine Car Insurance Premiums

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24 Sep 2018
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Car insurance is an effective form of insurance that offers financial cover against unwanted emergencies on road. The premium that you paid towards the car insurance is the investment that provide benefits in case of need. A car insurance is something that you should not ignore and purchase the same as soon as possible. The best way to get low premium car insurace policy is to have the information about all the factors that affect your car insurance premium. These factors will help you in saving money on car insurance premiums LearnTechnews.

Here are 6 factors that contribute to lower the car insurance premiums.

  1. Insurance Location Geography

It is one of the most impressive factors when it comes to car insurance. It is true that the geographical location where you stay plays an important role in deciding the car insurance premium rates. In the case where you live in a low traffic area then your premium rates will be low. When it comes to big metro cities, the premium of car insurance plan will be high as the roads are busy throughout the day and night.

  1. Personal Factors

A few personal factors also play a big role in deciding the premium rate. Usually, women pay a low premium as they are considered to be safe in driving as compared to men. A person with family might have to pay a low premium than a single one. The age of the customer also plays an important role in deciding the premium of your car insurance policy.

  1. Engine

Yes, it is also an important factor to fixed the premium. Usually, the diesel vehicles are expensive and their IDV as well. Hence the car with a diesel engine pays a high premium as compared to the one with the petrol or CNG.

  1. Form of Insurance

The premium varies according to the insurance plan as well. A comprehensive insurance plan which offers a wide range of benefits will be expensive as compared to single third party liability cover. This is because of the various benefits that a package policy offers at different stages of the policy’s tenure.

  1. Security System installed

Yes, it is also an important factor. The premium of car insurance plans varies if you have the security system installed in your car. You should pay attention to such important features as well.

  1. Customized Car Insurance Plan

It is an important reason that’s why a car insurance premium often increases or decrease. A customized and packages insurance policy might cost more. Many insurers are now offering customized car insurance policy and offer great benefits which are highly beneficial for an individual that includes personal accident coverage as well.

Tips to Buy an Affordable Car Insurance Plan

If you are looking for the best car insurance plan and don’t know how will you crack the deal then below are a few tips for your reference.

  • Go for a car insurance policy that is available at an affordable premium. Don’t forget to add effective riders which will be important for you and your car also.
  • Choose an add-on cover when you buy car insurance online or offline to get the wider coverage in the time of need and renew the existing policy on time is also important.
  • Take help of an online insurance web aggregator to choose the best plan according to your needs. An online insurance web aggregator will offer free insurance quotes which make it more easy for you to choose the best one out of all.


Car insurance premium is a thing that depends upon various factors that are mentioned above. It is very easy to compare the premium of various car insurance plans using an online insurance web aggregator such as Today Kos. Such a platform will help you in choosing the best car insurance plan according to your needs and budget as well.

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